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  • Orchestrating a fight between your superior officer and your bartender.
  • Insisting to Sean, Ian and Kathrine that the latter is your hallucination and that there's no such thing as witches.
    • And then taking a blow to the head and believing it. You start assigning sub-conscious areas to the Witches, (Minna is Self-Control, Mio is pragmatism etc.), and when Minna tries to stop you, you say "Why does my self-control get such an awesome rack?" Out loud. In front of EVERYBODY.
  • Pissing Sean off with risky/close maneuvers, including excessive snap-rolling, barely clearing a cliff, and, during some particularly low flying, accidentally hitting a tree.
    • After some thought, you conclude that hitting a full-grown tree would have killed you. You must have hit a sapling.
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  • Anything involving Hellcow.
  • The false 'game over' statistics after a particularly near-death injury.
  • Contending with the Bounce Witch.
  • Trolling the marines with Yoshika and Lucchini as your wingmates, complete with aviator shades and the obligatory Horatio Caine reference.
    "... hey, you're IJN. Navy," one of the Marines says, huffing as he hauls himself over the bannister. "What gives?"
    Miyafuji pauses, looking like her old, uncertain self.
    You make a glasses-donning gesture with your hand.
    She shakily applies her aviators, and the moment the slip over her eyes, she seems to stand a little taller. "Well," Miyafuji says calmly, "I guess it takes one to bounce one."
  • Neon Samurai.
  • Fans making references to pillow forts and Planefag's methods of responding to them. The first involves one getting shredded by the widow and the second? blown up by a B-17 turned bomb.
    • Lampshaded with a reader saying "That's overkill, even for a Pillow fort!"
  • During a flight as Sanya's backup, bouncing her by turning off your engines and roaring past her, then frantically trying to get them started again while Sean and Ian are bickering and Sanya is furiously pounding on your cockpit, all completely unaware.
    • You get them started somewhere in the area of 300 feet, and look up to notice that Sanya is crying her heart out over it, when from out of nowhere a previously undetected Martian, which had been attempting to line up a shot on you, stalls out, crashes behind you and has to bail out of his fighter. Mood Whiplash for at its finest.
    "That totally counts!"
  • When Maloney attempts to arrest you onboard the USS California, you appeal to Commander Nicholas "Mack" Mackintosh, XO of the California, for protection.
    • First, you claim the Medal of Honor as a reason. Mack calmly pulls his own Medal of Honor out, clearly unimpressed.
    • Next, you try to claim you're a media darling.
    Mack: "Annoying, isn't it? They follow you everywhere, 'oh Mr. War Hero with the dashing eyepatch and the gruff demeanor, why are you so humble?"
    You: "Shit."
    • Then you use your final gambit, claiming your girlfriend is a witch (true, Minna totally is), and that Mack will have major problems if she gets involved. Mack just displays a picture in his wallet: of Georgette Lemare, his girlfriend. Also a witch.
  • A scene or two later has Maloney gets fed up and tries to shoot Young. Cue a bunch of heavily armed Marines, all of which got denied shore leave by Maloney himself. This causes him and his goons to retreat only to find Hellcow at the other end of the dock. Between the two hostile groups, Maloney and Co. end up swimming back.
  • "He said 'You are a gnome!", and then I punched him in the face."

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