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SCE is much more lighthearted than both of its parent series'.

  • Hikari's reaction to being called a slavedriver by Toji is to chase him around the school building with a Paper Fan of Doom while the others look on with a Flat "What" expression. To add icing to the cake, Mari then says that she hopes Toji is into BDSM, "for his own sake".
  • Asuka's attempts to listen in on what she thinks is Kaworu and Rei about to have sex. Not only Rei senses her every time, she also gets a bit of Dirty Mind-Reading.
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  • Hikari doing a Spit Take in response to Asuka's admission that she's bisexual. Mari and Kodama immediately team up and tease her in turns.
  • Shephard repeatedly teases Kaworu about Rei being his girlfriend, just to see him squirm.
  • In an otherwise serious scene, Kaworu manages to catch Shamshel off-guard and taunts her about not paying attention. Just seconds later, Shamshel turns the tables and dryly quips, "Now who wasn't paying attention...?"
  • Shortly after her introduction, Sekhmet gets back against Asuka for talking down to her earlier by insulting her chest size. Asuka replies with an Atomic F-Bomb.
  • Rei casually backtalks to a Yakuza member in chapter 34 and is completely nonchalant at Kaworu's minor freakout at it.
    Kaworu: Rei, next time you deal with a cranky mafioso, stop egging him on!
    Kaworu: Same thing!
    Rei: It's not.

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