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  • In Ragnar's Claw the Wolves "borrow" an Ork trukk to get to their target, inadvertently provoking a whole fleet of Orks to start racing them (it's dark so they can't tell they're racing against Space Marines instead of other Orks). The entire passage is hilarious; this is just a sample:
    Sven: Whose idea was this?
    Ragnar: Theirs!
    • Even better? One of the Orks moons them when they convey that they don't want to race.
  • The Spear of Russ is a chapter relic that was once wielded by their primarch Leman Russ, and during the climax of the Grey Hunter he skewers Magnus the Red in the eye by hurling it through a warp portal. Unfortunately, he and his battle-brothers were sent there to protect the Spear and his actions resulted in the artifact being lost, which is treated as a ballsy-but-stupid move by the rest of the Chapter and gets him exiled to Terra. Three books later during the events of Wolf's Honour he runs into members of the legendary Thirteenth Great Company, who fought alongside their Primarch during the Great Crusade. During the course of a war council with them one of their Rune Priests, Torvald, is the one who delivers the punchline to what is surely the biggest joke of Ragnar's existence:
    'Morkai's black teeth!' Torvald swore, shaking his head. 'He was constantly losing the damned thing. You may not remember anymore, but I do.' The Rune Priest pointed to [[Badass Grandpa Bulveye]]. 'Do you recall the time he drank all that stormwine on Sirenia and tried to throw the bloody spear at the moon? Took us four days to find it afterwards.' He chuckled ruefully and grinned at Ragnar. 'Truth be told, he hated that big boar-sticker, but the Allfather gave it to him as a gift, so he was stuck with it. He dragged it out for ceremonies, and then he'd stick it in a corner somewhere and forget about it. Drove his huscarls mad.'
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  • Haegr. It's like the author transplanted Volstagg the Valiant into 40k, appetite and all, and he's hilarious.

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