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  • "Gotham's Favorite Son" is Tumblr's take on Bruce Wayne, and so naturally has a few:
    • The story about Bruce buying 299 boxes of Thin Mints and 1 box of Samosas from a girl scout, and refusing to explain why the 1 box of Samosas.
    • "If Luthor went around town unguarded all of Metropolis would take turns kicking him in the balls."
  • "Anti-Social"
    • Chapter 1: Tim Drake discovered the Batcave while he was searching for the wifi. "I might have hecked up" indeed.
    • Chapter 3: Tim literally walks up to Wayne Manor and asks to live there/be adopted, and Bruce just rolls with it.
      "This mansion is mine now. I have dibs."
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    • Dick visits right after dropping out of college. Tim surreptitiously films what appears to be a tense confrontation between Bruce and Dick... which actually turns into Bruce dragging Dick's mullet.
    • Chapter 7, "Bruce Wayne Banned From Walmart," in its entirety
  • Nominal: Bruce has a spreadsheet titled "Reasons I am sad". There are tabs for "Legitimate" ("I watched my parents get murdered"), illegitimate:
    "I've been pronouncing 'chupacabra' wrong and I just found out."
    • Questionable:
      "I'm 99.99% sure Ra's al Ghul is a white guy but I'm white so I can't say anything about it."
    • And, by far the longest list, Petty:
      "Can't mention I'm sad about being an orphan without Clark going :/"
      "I get that your planet's dead but this isn't a contest."
    • And while the list that eventually replaces it, "Reasons not to be sad" is largely an exercise in heartwarming, one collection of entries stands out; Tim draws a little mustache man with a monocle popping out in the corner of what he thought was a cheap painting, but turned out to be an original Dali that Bruce won at a charity auction. To Bruce, "This is the funniest fucking thing that has ever happened", and he's having it framed in a much nicer frame, one with a plaque on it, and he's hanging it in corporate headquarters where everyone can see it.
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  • Batman gives the creator of the Batman TV show some suggestions.
  • The Iguana Talk.
  • "Matches" reveals that Bruce's criminal identity actually started with a bad Columbo impersonation, and he got stuck with it.
    • Dick freaking out over it. And his complaining because Bruce really can't tell a story worth shit.
  • "AUX": The Justice League in a roadtrip.
    • Green Lantern was stuck with Superman singing Carly Rae Jepsen. In her voice. Dancing. For two hours.
    • Batman putting Green Arrow in a Ford Fiesta.
    • Flash bemoans he never gets attractive battle damage - it's always that rip right over his singed eyebrow or the fat roll on his butt...
  • "Let's Dance": The premise? The Justice League is stuck watching a ghost ballet. They need a backup dancer to lift the curse, buuuuut...
    • Flash learned the girl parts from the Nutcracker because he wanted to show his support to a friend.
    • That leaves Batman, who is casually knowledgeable about the act structure of Swan Lake because of course he is. Superman assures Batman they won't make fun of him for his sacrifice. The other Leaguers refuse to commit to that until the Dark Knight threatens them with blackmail.
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    • Wonder Woman and Green Lantern really get into the ballet.
    • Batman doffs his gloves, cape, and cowl to better dance his role. Wonder Woman holds onto them for him- by wearing them herself.
    • Superman's abject hatred of ghosts
    The Flash's face scrunched in vague confusion, looking Superman over. "Who hurt you?"

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