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Heartwarming / Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts

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  • Even knowing how it will end, seeing Martha, Thomas, and Bruce Wayne not as victims of an uncaring world but going about their days as an eccentric and larger-than-life but nonetheless close and loving family...
  • "Christmas In Kansas" is almost nothing but heartwarming, the look into Bruce's nightmares notwithstanding, but Bruce and Diana's Big Damn Kiss at the end stands out.
  • Bruce Wayne has a list of reasons he is sad. That is not heart-warming. What is heartwarming is that at the end of "Nominal", he deletes it in favor of a list of reasons to not be sad, mostly consisting of nice things done for/by his friends and batfamily.
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  • When Tim Drake meets Bruce Wayne in "Anti-Social", he's utterly miserable because he's on his period. Bruce immediately gives him "manly" chocolate (because it got a tiger on the wrapping so there) and when Jack Drake later asks his daughter's whereabouts, Bruce answers Jack's son is a very nice young man. Do you need more reasons to sob with Tim?


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