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Funny / Snow White & the Huntsman

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Huntsman is ripe with funny moments, even if he's not the nicest fellow. In the midst of the bar fight he's in, he misses his opponent and punches a horse in the ass. Which instantly gets him a pair of hooves in his gut.
    • After having a drunken bar fight and waking up in a tub of filthy water outside surrounded by the Queen's warriors, he immediately snarks at them.
    Huntsman: Can't you see I'm taking a bath?
    • And when he rips Snow White's dress so she can walk through the forest with less trouble, he has the nerve to snark at her fear of being touched by a guy she just met:
    Huntsman: Don't flatter yourself.
  • Most of the dwarves' dialogue is pretty damn funny. Especially when they are sent to open the gate via the sewers. They understandably complain.
    • Then one of them spots something he thinks is one of his first of the day.