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Shuusou Gyoku

  • Milia and VIVIT’s insult battle:
    Milia: Silence! You scrap metal fighting maid!\\ VIVIT: S-scrap metal! Now you've gone too crazy old hag! ♪
  • VIVIT and her master discuss Cactus Energy:
    Erich: That machine also uses cactus energy.
    VIVIT: Nyahaha, that’s such a stupid name!
    Erich: S-stupid?
  • At the end of the extra stage after VIVIT defeats Reimu:
    Reimu: Wow, you're strong...
    VIVIT: Well, will you listen to my request now?
    Reimu: Guess I've got no choice. ... what are you looking for?
    VIVIT: I have to find the "Holy Grail"! And I have to find it today.
    Reimu: ... what's that?
    VIVIT: You know, that special artifact that's said to have held the blood of the Christ after his crucifixion.
    Reimu: ... Who's that?
    VIVIT: *sob sob sob*

Kioh Gyoku

  • Yuuka’s spell card art.
  • Marie just doesn’t get it:
    VIVIT: Miss Marie! Please stop sending me love letters!
  • Milia still holds her grudge against VIVIT:
    Milia: How's that? Do you still dare call me "granny" after this?? I'll beat you up!!!
  • Then Milia decides she’s done:
    Milia: Why is everyone that I meet a weirdo? A robot, a mecha-gramps...Ohh.. my head's beginning to hurt now.
  • One of Mei and Mai’s silly moments:
    Mei and Mai (to Erich): Gramps, gramps you're progressing in the gramping, yes.
  • Gates reacting to himself
    Gates: Nuoryaaaa. Are you mimicking me? Are you my fanboy or something!?
  • Another reaction to themselves:
    Muse: Go away. You heretic with no divinity..


  • Marie still not getting it. It’s funnier considering VIVIT-r is a different robot!
    Marie: This time, you're not running away!
  • Mei and Mai’s reaction to Hirano’s God Gyoku:
    Mai: I hate that round thing.
    Mei: That round thing.
  • Icarus’s only line, with no context or explanation whatsoever:


  • Another hilarious extra stage dialogue:
    VIVIT: It’s you! You have the holy grail!
    C23: Concentration of energy...Old lady, who're you?
    VIVIT: Old lady..? I’m not an old lady!
    C23: You still look like an old lady.
    VIVIT: You're so rude to me... When this is our first meeting! I'm mad! How could you jk2y8lh◎
  • And when VIVIT gets defeated:
    VIVIT:...Owowow~ Cute little birdies going tweet tweet cheep cheep...
    VIVIT: By the way, where is the holy grail? I must get it by today...
    C23: She’s still talking.

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