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Character sheet for all of the Seihou Characters.

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Debuted in Shuusou Gyoku

All-Purpose Android

The main protagonist of the Seihou series, she's a "Maid-type combat robot" powered by Cactus Energy. Her master is Erich.



A researcher for Erich's cactus company. She is first introduced as the Stage 1 Boss of Shuusou Gyoku.

    Mei and Mai

Mei and Mainote 

A pair of Child Soldier twins.


Gates note 

The leader of Erich's private army. He shows up in every Seihou game, as well as Samidare.


Marie note 

A 19-year old lady, and a retired military legend.

Erich note 
A scientist and chairman of the Cactus Company. He is also VIVIT's master

Vivit-captured note 

Erich's daughter, who the robot VIVIT was based on. She is the final boss of Shuusou Gyoku.

Debuted in Kioh Gyoku

Warrior Maiden
Morgan note 

A brilliant scientist, and the semi-final boss of Kioh Gyoku

Muse note 
An enigmatic and mysterious character. She is the final boss of Kioh Gyoku.


Debuted in Basnhiryuu

One of the many mass-produced copies of the original VIVIT, and the protagonist of Banshiryuu

  • Fighting Your Friend: Shows up as the Stage 4 boss if you play as Hirano.
  • Flight: Unlike VIVIT, she can fly without a broom. However, she carries one in her boss fight, presumably for show.
  • Jerkass: Described as much more ill-natured and twisted than the original VIVIT.
  • Robot Maid: Just like her predecessor, but she's very unskilled.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: She is not the original VIVIT from the first two games, but one of the "commercial copies", powered by Red-Storm instead of cactus energy.

    Hirano Sakurasaki
Hirano Sakurasaki note 
The other protagonist of Banshiryuu, a shrine maiden.

    Yuuta Kirishima
Yuuta Kirishima note 
Lagunas' subordinate, and the stage 2 boss of Banshiryuu

    The Tri Stars 

Three soldier siblings. They are the Stage 3 bosses of Banshiryuu.

As a Whole

Tolia note

Ilia note

Felia note

Lagunas note 
A guardian of the Red-Storm plant, the younger brother of Yuitia, and the stage 5 boss of Banshiryuu.

Yuitia note 
11 years ago, she died near Mars, and became fused with the Red-Storm energy. She's the final boss of Banshiryuu.

Icarus note 
The last boss of Banshiryuu's extra stage. She's apparently very strong.

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