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  • Second Sight is a very grim and depressing game for the most part. However, one exception occurs during the first level, when you have the chance to trap two security guards in the isolation cell you just escaped from- leading to this exchange:
    Stubbs: Well, this is wonderful. I bet you left your radio at home, too.
    Connelly: Hey, are you blaming ME for this? I mean, it was your turn to make sure he was locked in last night!
    Stubbs: What exactly are you implying? And do you have that radio or not?
    Connelly: No, I don't! But hey, here's a crazy idea; let's use yours!
    Stubbs: You know damn well mine hasn't worked since I dropped it in my coffee last week.
    Connelly: Well, maybe you should have reported it and got it fixed, like I told you! Moron...
    Stubbs: Who are you calling a moron, you condescending little...
    (Commence fight to the death. Bring some popcorn.)
    • You can take the cruelty a step further by using telekinesis to torment the winner of the fight by making the loser's corpse hover towards him. "Save me! Saaaave meeeee!"
  • Anything said by the Asylum patients in the "Madness" Level.
    You wanna join my coffee club?
    Have you seen my mouse? He's blue. About four foot tall.
    I really like my shock therapy. Makes me see pretty stars.


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