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  • The "Joke Wall" at the end of the show featured plenty of these, usually thanks to the cast's tendency to go off-script (or off-cue card, as the case may be) during the segment. For example:
    • In one off-script moment, Sammy Davis Jr. remarked, "If I only have one life to live, let me live it as a blond". Two jokes later, his fellow Rat Packer Joey Bishop told Dan Rowan, "Don't bother me; I'm bleaching the colored kid's hair!"
    • The one from The Monkees' guest spot. Notable parts include Jo Anne telling everyone "this is a take!", Micky hitting himself in the head with his door, dirty parakeet jokes, and Dan taking over for Artie when he fumbles his line.
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  • John Wayne filling in for Henry Gibson as the Hippie Poet.
    John Wayne: "The Sky", by John Wayne. "The sky is blue/The grass is green/So get off your butt/And join the Marines". (walks through wall as Henry Gibson looks on, confused)
  • In one skit Dan Rowan and Sammy Davis Jr. were playing two producers of Mexican dirty movies, complete with fake Mexican accents. Both men were having a hard enough time as it was keeping straight faces and not laughing, but the crown comes when Sammy broke character following one of Dan's lines and told him "That's the worst accent I've ever heard."
  • After Gladys informs Tyrone that she believes in "the Here-After" he responds with: "Then you know what I'm here after." Cue purse beating.
  • Goldie Hawn holding up a candle lit at both ends and saying, "Mother was wrong!"
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  • The short-lived Letters to Laugh-In had this memorable question sent in.
    Questioner: What's the difference between a sigh, a car, and a jackass?
    Respondent: I don't know, what?
    Questioner: A sigh is "Oh dear," and a car is "too dear."
    Respondent: What's a jackass?
    Questioner: You, dear.
  • One of Rowan and Martin's introductions provides a great example of Sustained Misunderstanding:
    Rowan: Are you looking forward to the show tonight?
    Martin: Yea, what's the movie?
    Rowan: What movie? You doo doo, it's Laugh-In.
    Martin: Oh that's right, Laugh-In's on tonight! I almost forgot it was Tuesday!
    Rowan: It's not Tuesday, it's Monday!
    Martin: Glad you reminded me! (to audience) Don't forget to watch Laugh-In tomorrow night.
    Rowan: Laugh-In's not on tomorrow night.
    Martin: Finally canceled it, huh? I knew they couldn't keep it up every week.
    Rowan: You knew who couldn't keep it up every week?
    Martin: Funk and Wagnalls.
    Rowan: Funk and Wagnalls aren't on Laugh-In.
    Martin: See, I told you they couldn't keep it up!
    Rowan: Now, now, you're getting me confused. Let's go back to the beginning.
    Martin: Well, in the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, there was this boy and this girl, and...
    Rowan: We might need not go back that far, let's just go back to the beginning of the show.
    Martin: OK...
    (The NBC peacock appears: "The following program is brought to you in living color on NBC.")
    Martin: Hey, was that Funk and Wagnalls?
    Rowan: That was the NBC peacock.
    Martin: That's how our show starts.
    Rowan: That's what I've been trying to tell you. This is our show.
    Martin: Oh you mean it's Tuesday already.
    Rowan: No, it's Monday. Laugh-In is on on Monday nights.
    Martin: Well somebody better tell Funk and Wagnalls, they're gonna be late for the show!
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  • A gag reel where Dick (and at one point Dan) couldn't control his laughter while delivering the following news story.
    Dateline San Clemente, California. Residents of this seaside resort community have been severely disturbed lately by an unidentified voice heard late at night singing "This land is my land!"


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