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  • When Vaseegaram masquerades as an evil!Chitti Mook to infiltrate his base, three such Mooks report to evil!Chitti that someone has been going against orders. Evil!Chitti sets off. Two Mooks follow. The third heaves a sigh of relief.
    • Not to mention evil!Chitti's reaction when he eventually orders his soldiers to rotate their heads to flush out Vaseegaram. It gives even the best hammy villains a run for their money.
      Evil!Chitti: (Evil Laugh) BLACK SHEEP!!!
  • Those Two Guys getting lip from the service droid.
    Guy 1: "I want a strong, black filter coffee..."
    Droid: "Sorry. Grade 2 employees only get water."
    Guy 2: "What about grade 3 then?!"
    Droid: "Sorry. Self-service."
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  • A darkly humorous one when evil!Chitti visiting the stores turns out to be an outright robbery.
    Storeguy: "Sir, cash, check or credit card?"
    Evil!Chitti: "Gun."

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