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The Book

  • You can buy anti-matter bombs on eBay. Granted, they are virtual ones, but still.
  • After Wade defeats the holder of the copper key in a game of Joust, he mentions that he must restrain himself from victoriously shaking his ass in the general direction of the key holder.
    • Before that, his narration notes how absurd the overall challenge must look to an outside observer; a normal kid, (Wade's avatar is made to look similar to him) and a lich, hunched over and playing an old-school video game in the middle of a dungeon. According to him, it's like something off the cover of an old-school video game magazine.
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    • The fact the key is the prize of a game of Joust.
  • Og, a Physical God within the OASIS, claims to being a bit clumsy after Wade and company discover that he can invisibly eavesdrop in private chat rooms and knocked over a stack of comic books during a previous conversation.
  • When Wade is imprisoned by IOI he has to run tech support. The glimpses we see of his interactions with clients show some impressive (though company-censored) snarking.
    Client: Well, what am I supposed to do with it [a useless sword] now?
    Wade: You could shove it up your ass and pretend you’re a corn dog.
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  • As he starts to get out of IOI's headquarters, Wade realizes there is one camera... so he proceeds to grin at it and flip it off, knowing that Sorrento will be watching the security tapes later.
  • During the final battle, there is a massive pitched battle between two groups of Giant Mecha, including all five of the Voltron lions. It is mentioned off-hand that most of IOI's mechs are destroyed so quickly that they didn't even get to form Voltron.
  • Wade loads back into the OASIS after the Cataclyst is set off. The extra life he picked up loads him back at the exact spot where he was standing when he died, which is now over a giant pit where Anorak's Castle used to be. Cue the Wile E. Coyote moment with Wade desperately trying to grab the edge of the open gate, and failing, falling into the pit.
  • After Wade gets his hands on Leopardon, he lampshades how the voice commands he can use to pilot the robot only work if he shouts them, thus giving a justification for why heroes in those Giant Robot shows seem to have No Indoor Voice when in a fight.

The Movie

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