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  • Ogden Morrow's birthday party. When the Sixers think that Parzival is vulnerable because he's in a Player Versus Player zone. What they don't realize is that Og's avatar is essentially a god in the OASIS, and the only thing he hates more than Sixers is people interrupting his birthday party.
    • He comes through in a big way again in the end, providing the party with a safe (real-world) place from which to complete the final challenge, leveling the playing field against IOI, who had already killed off Daito and attempted to murder Wade IRL.
      • And they were planning to do the same to Art3mis and Shoto as well...
  • After escaping his indentured servitude to IOI with gigabytes of the company's secrets, Wade sheds his identity as Bryce Lynch, and resumes his true identity as Wade Watts.
  • Wade has some of his own. Two that come to mind are playing a perfect game of Pac-Man and playing out the entire script of WarGames, action and dialogue.
    • His infiltration of IOI and plan to destroy the shield preventing him and the other High Five from reaching the Third Gate is quite awesome, too.
    Aech: Dude, you have balls of solid adamantium. Respect.
  • The entire final battle. A few Humongous Mecha versus each other, with every gunter on the OASIS helping the High Five against the Sixers, and all fought with Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" playing over a boombox!
  • During the climax, the Catharsis Factor when Wade becomes Ultraman and beats Sorrento's own giant robot in a Curb-Stomp Battle! Bear in mind Sorrento's robot is Mechagodzilla. And he backs away from Wade/Ultraman, before said-Curb-Stomp Battle began.
    • Although the victory of Sorrento being accused of murder is diminished by him smugly brushing off the accusations as false, it's not over yet. Aech points out that Sorrento may have the best lawyers money can buy, but now, so does Wade.
  • In the end, Odgen telling Wade that Samantha is waiting in the garden maze. After solving so many puzzles and games, Ogden naturally remarks that a simple garden maze should be a piece of cake for Wade.
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  • Solar technology has advanced to the point where it can be used to reliably power something the size of OASIS.
  • In a musical moment of awesome, the orchestral version of "Take On Me" by Aha in the movie's "Dreamer" trailer is so epic that the producer's released it as a single on iTunes and the Android Store.

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