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  • In the video for the song "It's Me Again, Margaret", when the police capture him and give him his One Phone Call, he uses it to call Margaret again. The reactions of the officers are a perfect cross between Oh, Crap! and WTF?.
    • At the end of the video, she comes to bail him out and she has with her a live chicken, Cool Whip, a weed eater, and asks the officer how much he wants for his handcuffs.
  • In the song "Santa Claus Is Watching You", he starts listing off presents such as fuel exhaust, mud flaps, and leopard-skin seat covers.
    • When he lists the names of the reindeer, he says names like Leon and Cletus… and Clyde.
  • "Power Tools". He keeps causing more harm than good when trying to fix things with said tools, and ends up in the hospital. Cue him getting caught in his power bed at the hospital…
    Ray: Hello Honey, don't be alarmed, just quietly evacuate the neighborhood and call the bomb-squad.
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  • The "How come you're singing everything I sing?" exchange in "Moonlight Special".
  • "Too Drunk To Fish". Harold got so drunk he thought an anchor line was a snake, panicked, grabbed a shotgun and blew a hole in the bottom of the boat.
  • Ray's rendition of "Help Me Make It Through The Night". That is all.
  • “Nightmare Before Christmas” takes Political Correctness Gone Mad and turns it Up to Eleven.

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