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Regardless of accidental narm from amusing translation quirks, One Way Heroics has its share of genuine humor.

  • Iris the Fairy Companion is both helpful and amusing. For example:
    • If you ignore her for a bit after you begin a run, then consult her for advice, she'll be grouchy about your neglecting her.
    • If you start asking her to ask you questions, some of the resulting answers are hilarious. For example, your protagonist does not use the bathroom or SLEEP during the course of their journey, prompting Iris to berate you and warning about getting ill from not using the bathroom! Admittedly your hero/heroine does drop off into a slumber if you do manage to defeat the Demon Lord out of sheer exhaustion.
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    • One of the pieces of advice she gives you when you ask her is essentially "remember to equip your weapons and armor or they won't do you any good". You can then either make fun of her and point out how obvious that sounds, to which she replies that she just thought she should start with the basics, play it straight by saying that you can't tell if unidentified equipment is even worth equipping to begin with, or go off on a tangent and say how you want to equip her or wish you could be equipped yourself.
    • Plus adds many more lines for Iris to say when asked if she has a question. One of these lines include Iris noting that the player doesn't talk much, and offers to talk in their place, with the hero lip syncing. She demonstrates an example by flirting with a hypothetical village girl.
  • Characters can have Titles that affect their stats. Naughty characters may have their dialogue changed to be more lewd.
  • Zenura Weave is both this and a Moment of Awesome, since it increases the hero's stats while permanently barring them from armor and clothes. The hero will even give an epic "World of Cardboard" Speech upon activation.
    • All NPC dialogue also changes to reflect the hero's bold new lifestyle choice.

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