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Awesome / One Way Heroics

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  • Cracking a Vault with Holy Items for the first time. You discover these powerful weapons and armor that were sealed away, and find that they are truly legendary in their effectiveness!
  • Doing a No Vault Run, skipping the Dimensional Vault at the start of the quest and just advancing with only the Herb Pot and the few consumables King Victor gives you. Who needs to stand on the shoulders of giants and past adventurers? You're badass enough to win with only the starting gear to begin with!
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  • There is grim satisfaction in dropping hundreds or perhaps even thousands of points of damage onto a powerful monster, whether it's an Elite Mook with a red star marking its superior power, or the Demon Lord. Eat that!
  • Using the Hero's Zenura Weave skill and then completing the game. You basically charge headlong into battle wearing absolutely nothing and win.

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