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  • Several factors of the game can come together to create player-generated ones. Some enemies have ammo despite not having guns. If they find a dropped gun, they're smart enough to use it. There's a takedown move on an armed enemy that ends with you holding their weapon. Also, you can fire while in the middle of a melee move. To put this all together: in one later mission, I was attacked by three melee mooks. I dropped my gun at their feet, one picks it up, reloads it, I kick him in the face, take my gun back, shoot him in mid-animation, then shoot the other two. It was beautiful and all the more so for being unplanned.

  • Moment of Awesome: You have to admit, Konoko can pull this off easily.
    • Level 1 - She has to stop a bullet-proof truck that she cannot break in from taking off. How does she stop it? By taking control of a crane, and pushing the truck over onto its side!
    • Level 2 - She single-handedly shut down a Deadly Brain.
    • Level 3 - She clears a gate with her bike, and dodges a shot from Barabas. She beats up Barabas, a man who carries a cannon that is usually mounted on a vehicle. She has this one situation where she beats up a Syndicate suicide bomber and she has to help a TCTF squad that is being pinned down by Syndicate goons. The suicide bomber triggers his detonation harness, trying to blow them both up in 5 seconds. She simply grabs him, throws him through a window and he falls through a glass pane and right on top of the Syndicate goons, blowing them up and securing the foyer!
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    • Level 4 - She chases Muro all by herself through an airport.
    • Level 5 - She places a tracking device on Muro's plane just before it takes off, which would allow her to track him down.
    • Level 6 - At the beginning of the level, she slides her motorbike and herself into the garage just as the garage door is about to close. She needs to get to the upper levels of TCTF headquarters, but the elevator is disabled and the walkways are blown out. What does she do? She has a worker get her a laser torch, jumps onto the elevator car, uses the laser torch on the cable(?) while keeping one hand on it, and this shoots her all the way up to the upper levels of the building! She beats up Barabas for a second time, supposedly killing him.
    • Level 7 - She decides to go rescue Shinatama herself, and even uses a hang-glider at the beginning of the level.
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    • Level 8 - She manages to survive a rotating fan by grabbing some railing and shimmying out of harm's way.
    • Level 9 - She chases after Mukade after he steals the data on her life. He takes off with a zipline. Does she give up? No! She simply jumps and latches herself onto a ninja lackey as he takes off with a zipline.
    • Level 10 - She takes on Mukade, and manages to beat him, following it up with crushing his neck and killing him.
    • Level 11 - Hoo boy, Konoko fights Muro, Griffin, several enemies, and finally...herself!? All that actually takes place in her head!
    • Level 12 - She breaks into a science prison and finds that getting in is easier than getting out. How does she get out? By going through the bio-matter disposal vats (i.e. a pool of acid so strong that you would disintegrate the instant you went in it)! Good thing she had the Daodan Chrysalis to protect her from death.
    • Level 13 - She goes through TCTF headquarters and she uses the same technique the Syndicate used in Level 6, which is to shut down the three power sources of the building. She defeats a Deadly Brain computer that has Shinatama hooked up to it.
    • Level 14 - Konoko starts the level by dropping who knows how many metres from a plane (Word of God confirms that she jumped out of a plane, by the way) and lands hard enough to leave an impression on the ground. Yep, no parachute! She was in Daodan Overpower Mode when she did this, so she was just fine from doing this. Later she has to get into an area sealed off by some huge metal doors. How does she get past this? By getting into a truck and driving right through the doors! Finally, she takes on Muro, her Daodan-enhanced brother, and beats him, presumably killing him. This goes for both his normal form and his One-Winged Angel form.

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