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  • Yoshi's Fruit Cart
    • The penultimate level is filled with so much fruit, that by the time you collect them all, Yoshi will have a really long line of eggs behind him.
    • The final level is so anti-climatic it ends up being hilarious. No holes, no bees, no spikes, just a stationary fruit, a stationary present, and the stationary last door.
      • The humor can also come from the paranoia the layout gives. It looks way too easy, especially given how hard the rest of the game is.
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  • Introducing: Dark Monita!
  • Some of Monita's descriptions of the prizes you receive from the coin minigame are hilarious.
    • Striped Conifer: One upon a time, a fair maiden awaited her sweetheart's return from battle. She pined and pined, and pined some more, until all that was left was a pine... Oh, it's a spruce. Never mind.
    • Apple: I have fond memories of my grandmother bringing me a basket full of these. Funny, I don't remember actually eating them...
    • Question Mark: This has always been a symbol of mystery. My processing on the matter only results in confusion. Who am I? What is happening? Why is butterscotch?
    • Battery: This is an ordinary torch battery, the kind that just pops into existence when you need it most. If only they didn't always appear so far away...
    • Moblin: Anyone not part of their exclusive club gets hit with an exclusive club! Or worse - they'll give you funny looks.
    • Fruit Flag: Forcing people to eat fruit in a certain order seems very unfair. I think I'll lodge a formal complaint... with myself.
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    • Banana: Here's a Tongue Twister for you: "Banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana banana". Devious, isn't it?
    • Blue Falcon: Captain Falcon's trusty racing machine from the F-Zero Grand Prix. It may run on clockwork, but its still got some serious Falcon Punch under the hood.
    • Fungusform Family: Look at this beautiful bouquet of mushrooms! The big one must be the mother while the little ones must be the juveniles. Also that could be completely incorrect.
    • Koopa Troopa: I think this Koopa Troopa is a bit on the big side for a toy, but humans seem to think that Bigger Is Better. They clearly haven't seen Bowser on a bad day.
    • Candy: The heaviest candy ever. Carrying one is hard enough, but if you carry 6, you'll be sweating buckets! I think the cola flavored one would be my favorite if I had sense of taste.
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    • Spiral Timber: Tempting as it may be to find out what's up there, please refrain from climbing on this display. Park rules are very clear on this issue.
    • Strawberry: The name "strawberry" sounds like the least appetizing of fruits. And yet it is one of the most delicious. Just one of the many great mysteries...
    • Balloon: Its just an ordinary balloon. I'm trying my very best to resist the urge to pop it.
    • Skull: A bleached white skull. The chance that this skull belonged to one of my ancestors is... definitely zero. Sometimes I'm grateful that I'm 100% boneless.
    • Deku Tree: This is a faithful recreation of the great Deku Tree. Why don't you sit back and take a rest under the canopy of this great tree. No, that wouldn't be creepy at all...
    • Watermelon: This perfectly succulent and juicy treat hits the spot on a hot summer day. Be sure to leave it on a flat surface, though, or you'll end up with a runaway-watermelon situation.
    • Gear Crank (Right): It took three years of intensive research to develop a handle that runs this smoothly. In hindsight, it has become increasingly clear that the time could have been better spent.
  • From the end of Takamaru's Ninja Castle:
    Monita: Evil never sleeps, it only snoozes.


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