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Never Had A Friend Like Me

  • Crocker's first scene.
  • Norm's continued attacks against the Canadians.
    • He ponders the idea of sending Amanda's parents there as another torment.
  • As a Call-Back to his second episode, Norm keeps wanting to send Amanda's parents on a one-way trip to Mars. And Timmy Turner if the boy should happen to upset Amanda.
    Principal Waxelplax: "Are you an astronaut?"
  • AJ builds him and Chester robotic dates for the dance. Crocker thinks they're foreign exchange students.
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  • The ''unwritten'' rules of popularity are recorded on a video.
  • Cosmo's viewpoint
  • Cosmo's description of Norm as the Grinch.
    • And his description of Cinderella, including the part about how she picked fragile footwear.
  • Timmy's remark about what would happen if his parents encountered Norm:
    "They might be oblivious, but even they might notice the guy without legs floating around and insulting them."
  • Poof hugging Norm. The genie can't get him off and is really uncomfortable with it.
  • Mr. Crocker's reaction to Bob being freed.
    "Hmm… It looks like someone tore a hole in reality," he commented casually. "That can only mean two things. First, this is obviously the work of Fairy Godparents!"
    He flailed around the empty classroom as he shouted, but Crocker managed to avoid knocking over the stack of papers on his desk. That was certainly progress.
    "The second thing," he continued, "is that I think class is canceled for the day." He smiled briefly, "I wonder if I can make it to the beach in time if I leave now…"
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  • When faced with the possibility the world being taken over/remade by an evil Eldritch Abomination, the fact that Timmy Turner focused on was that Norm messed with his love life
    Timmy: "You're the reason I couldn't invite Trixie Tang to the Snow Ball? It was you?"
  • After spending so much time hating and/or torturing the country of Canada, Norm ends up finding himself there, of all places, after his Only Mostly Dead moment.
  • The fact that an Eldritch Abomination is named Bob.
  • In the Distant Finale final chapter, Timmy's oblivious act needs a little work.
    Timmy: "Uh… Hello, random stranger I've never met before who is clearly a completely normal human. Don't mind me. I'm probably going senile anyway.
  • The three times people have mistaken Amanda for a five-year-old.

Tales as Old as Time
  • In the sequel/spin-off, a passing observation from Amanda about her schoolmates shows that Mark actually enjoys being thrown in a trash can by Francis. Considering the planet he's from, it's hilarious and makes sense.
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  • His fairies randomly disappearing briefly because they somehow ended up in Norway with a bogus treasure map isn't the weirdest thing that's happened to Timmy that week.
  • This quick exchange:
    Timmy: "I think I can feel my brain melting out of my ears."
    Cosmo: "I don't see anything."
    Wanda: "That's a metaphor."
    Cosmo: "Would a meta-five or a meta-six be better? Isn't this a math test?"
  • Apparently it only took Mark Chang fifteen minutes to complete the test. After he finally stopped laughing about the backwards and primitive 'science' on the test.
    • And then Cosmo gives the right answer to a question by sheer dumb luck.
  • Mark's reaction to Amanda utterly befuddles her since she can't figure out how or why he considers her terrifying. Timmy very bluntly intervenes and explains the culture of Yugopotamia to Amanda before telling Mark she won't hurt him.
    • Actually just everything about how backwards Yugopotamian thought process is and how confusing Amanda finds it.
  • Cosmo's solution to disguising Amanda on Yugopotamia- cover her up with a bed sheet.
  • The Yugopotamians' reactions to Amanda eating a chocolate chip cookie, Mark hugging her, and Mark's description of how humans train their children and how scary they will be when they're adults.

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