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Tear Jerker / Never Had A Friend Like Me

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Never Had a Friend Like Me

  • Amanda's entire situation, from her parents to her lack of self-esteem and self-worth, her life just makes you sad.
  • When Timmy reveals the truth about Norm and their history together, Amanda's low self-worth leads her to believe that he only stayed around her because he had to and that he didn't like her. Since she spent most of her life believing that she didn't deserve friends and that no one would want to be around her anyway, her reaction is pretty natural. Thank goodness Norm convinces her otherwise.
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  • At Christmas, Amanda makes handmade presents for everyone, but her parents essentially ignore the gifts and the gesture beyond being vaguely annoyed by her bothering them and making sure she isn't wasting their money on junk. They are so callous they manage to make her cry on Christmas morning as she hurries out the door. This is the final straw for Norm, who immediately gives the pair the flu in retaliation.
  • The moment when Timmy is literally without options to save Amanda from being killing by Anti-Cosmo and HP, well-aware that they're only doing it because they want to crush him further. Timmy literally breaks in despair.
  • When Jorgen somberly reflects on Norm and Amanda's relationship, feeling it would be better for Norm to leave Amanda soon or he will have to see her growing up, growing old and leave him forever. Because that's always what happens to a fairy's godchild, and Norm basically is Amanda's magical godfather.
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  • Elmer starts to feel like he's drifting away from Sanjay after Trixie starts spending time with him. That leaves Elmer with only Bob the Boil as company...
  • When facing down Bob, things don't go well for the heroes. Specifically, Norm's lava lamp breaks, which is already established as being fatal to genies...
    • The worst part is Amanda's reaction to the entire thing. She's desperate to save him. And when it looks like she failed and Norm died, it was heart-breaking. Thank goodness he was Only Mostly Dead.
  • The initial two-thirds of the Distant Finale final chapter. It really brings into focus the potential heart-ache caused by Amanda's mortality.

Tales as Old as Time

  • Even if Remy is a jerk, his situation is really similar to Amanda's, and even Norm feels bad for him.
  • Amanda's parents say right in front of her that they hate having her around. Before, Amanda merely accepted that they didn't like spending money and time on her, but their words hurt her enough to make her cry just like on Christmas morning. After Norm sends her off to Timmy's house, he really lays into them.

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