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Funny / Myths and Birthrights

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  • Twilight even has a checklist for symptoms of her own nervous attacks.
  • In chapter 2, Twilight was becoming very anxious about the secret Velvet was about to tell her, to the point of actually thinking that she will be having an arranged marriage with Blueblood.
  • "Puff the Smokey Alicorn."
    • It feels funnier if you imagine Luna saying it.
  • In chapter 8, after Pinkie kept asking Twilight to pick her and when Twilight did, Pinkie teased her about not having enough time to come for an adventure with Twilight.
    • Made even funnier when Pinkie started thinking herself, Twilight, Fleur and Rainbow Dash with Dungeons and Dragons-esque classes.
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  • In the second interlude, Iridia recounted on how Celestia after getting awakened managed to drop Sol (the Sun) into an ocean. The funny part is that while Tia asked Sol to "drop down from the sky", thinking that the Sun would set, Sol had literally dropped down from the sky and sunk in an ocean.
  • When Glitterdust fantasized Velvet's romance with the Halla in chapter 3 of Velvet Sparkle and the Queen in Stone.
  • Twilight's Adorkable moment in chapter 17 at the thought of new magic called The Old Ways being taught by her aunt Faust.
  • Shyara's big mouth in the end of chapter 17 when she got her mark revealed her secret to the rest of the passengers in the train restaurant.
  • Zeus trying to seduce Celestia in chapter 19.

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