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Funny / Mega Man 7

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  • The opening accidentally calls Dr. Wily Dr. Willy.
  • The intro cutscene to 7 has the helmet gag: Auto gives Mega Man...A Metool helmet. The way Mega Man reacts with the helmet on his head is also quite hilarious. It's like he's saying, "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!."
    Auto: Here, Mega Man. Take this helmet with you!
    He puts the Metool helmet on his head, though it makes him look silly. Cue Letting the Air Out of the Band.
    Mega Man: .......
    Auto: ...I guess not.
    Auto: Personally, I kinda like the other one...
    Auto gives Mega Man his normal helmet, his music plays properly this time.
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  • Shoot a Noise Crush with the right timing as you enter the boss room, and it is possible to defeat both Turbo Man and Spring Man before the battle even starts. Shame it only works in their stages. Trying it with
  • Shooting Freeze Man with his own weapon causes the battle to pause long enough for him to give an Aside Glance at the player. And it heals him, too.
  • Treble's "vrooooom" growl is more cute than intimidating.
  • The Joe Trucker that chases you in Turbo Man's stage has a few reactions to certain events in his vicinity. To whit:
    • Somehow getting behind him will cause him to use the gear stick and shift in reverse gear, driving backwards while putting his arm on the side and looking backwards.
    • Shooting him with the Noise Crush will cause him to stop driving and hold his ears in recoil.
  • If you get hit by the crow enemies in Shade Man's stage, they'll laugh at Mega Man and shake their butts at him.
  • Slash Man's stage has trees that can be burned to a crisp with the Scorch Wheel. Just the thought of setting a forest on fire without consequence is funny in itself.
    • This is also necessary to defeat the hornet's nests and snakes on those trees. The defeated snake will face the camera with an Oh, Crap! Ash Face once he's burned.