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  • Three Robot Masters die in one hit (or two on Difficult):
    • Metal Man. You fight him again in Wily Stage 5 and if you use the Metal Blade (his own weapon) against him, he dies instantly. He's the only Robot Master in the series to have such a crippling weakness to his own weapon.
    • Wood Man to Atomic Fire at full charge.
    • A well-placed volley by the Air Shooter's tornadoes can kill Crash Man in one shot.
  • Bubble Man is supposedly the Butt-Monkey of the Robot Masters. His weapons are pathetic, he has several weaksauce weaknesses, and a crippling design flaw makes him unable to walk. Wily could fix the latter, but refuses to because he thinks it's hilarious.
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  • Quick Man's glaring flaw, that he takes a while to realize he's running into a wall, does offer a few laughs when he continues to run into a well-placed Crash Bomb explosion that depletes the rest of his health after Time Stopper is used up. As seen in this GIF
  • The weakness of the Picopico-kun boss in Wily Stage 2 is the next-to-useless Bubble Lead.
    • And again with the Fake Wily Alien. It absorbs every attack you have except for, of all weapons, the Bubble Lead.
  • Even after you defeat the final boss, Wily still continues to control the hologram, until it makes a comical whistling noise indicating it's about to give up the ghost and then stops working.
    • The way he leaps out of the control panel after the hologram stops working just shows how desperate he is for Mega Man to forgive him.


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