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  • The Manos episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 is widely considered the show's best episode by numerous fans; it's also the most well-known episode of the show by a wide margin.
  • Betty Pierce's November 16, 1966 movie review from the El Paso Herald-Post — likely the only pre-MST3K review of Manos — is loaded to the core with hilarious snark. Some of the highlights include pointing out continuity errors and making poor Torgo out to be the film's hero. The review ends, "Someone is spoofing us."
    Reviewer: "The story concerns a luckless young man with his underwear so bunched up he can hardly get around and no time to straighten it out....."
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  • This is schadenfreude, but the way Torgo walks to get the bags.
  • An unintentional one, but the Master's face after he wakes up his wives and they start bickering with each other. It's like he's saying to himself "I've made a huge mistake". Joel and the Bots immediately pick up on the same.
    Joel: What was I thinking?
  • The bits where Torgo looks at the camera, as if he's thinking "you believe this shit audience?".
  • Torgo trying to walk when he's carrying the family's luggage in. Key word being "trying". He was supposed to have satyr-like goat legs, but his prop legs were poorly and cheaply made, and the results of him wearing them were inevitable.
    • And then later Mike asks him to take the luggage back out and adds "and do it QUICKLY this time". You can practically feel Torgo's exasperation.
  • In general, the way Mike spends most of the movie totally oblivious to what's going on. For instance, the restoration revealed that the Master's house is actually horrifically filthy and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in decades. The couch in particular is an utter mess. And yet Mike doesn't seem to notice anything out of the ordinary.
    • Mike insisting that "The sign pointed this way!" despite very clearly being lost as hell.
  • Just before Margaret and Mike are about to break the news to Debbie that her dog has gone missing, Margaret does a take to the camera, with an expression that reads, "Do we really need to tell her?"
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  • The remastered print shows one particular detail that wasn't easily noticeable before: Torgo sleeps on a pile of dirt.
  • The cops "investigation" after they hear gunshots, which consists of them walking about 20 feet, then turning around and giving up (Word of God says this was because they didn't have enough lighting for them to go any further and still be visible.)
  • This exchange:
    Make-Out Girl: We weren't doin' anything.
    Sheriff: Well, whatever it is you're 'not' doin', go 'don't' do it somewhere else!"

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