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Haiku / Manos: The Hands of Fate

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Family gets lost.
Funny walk guy lets them in.
Master approves, not.(Made by Sizzly Bacon)

It would be dark soon.
The Master did not approve.
No way out of here.

It will be dark soon.
There is no way out of here.
It will be dark soon.
-Torgo and Joel

Cheapass camera
Thirty seconds at a time
And no audio

There's something plot-ish
But it really makes no sense
But hey, nightie fight!


Cheesy horror film;
and yet, people still love the
worst movie ever.

Family's here to stay
And the Master is not pleased
Rest in peace, Torgo.

My NAme IS TorGO
I Take CARe oF THe pLaCE whILE
The MASTer is awAY


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