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  • "Here kitty, I got you something. Super big fleas! With knives!"
  • "I want to be just like you today!" "Oh, really? Then I was going to go play in traffic and drink bleach!"
  • The April Fools Day episode, which was done completely in Bulgarian. Especially when the subtitles were added.
    Vendetta: Aaaaaaaaah!
    Subtitles: Why did I make fire-breathing butterflies?!
  • Vendetta's birthday song:
    Vendetta: Happy birthday to you, you are stupid and blue! You look like you're stupid: wait, wait, I'm sure that's true!
  • Vendetta's version of the "If You Lived Up On The Moon."
    • Which is also going back to the web short where it's the same deal, Charlotte singing half a song and Venetta singing a Dark Reprise, but last time it was with Christmas Trees.
  • The baby chicken bombs.
  • After Vendetta shrinks Charlotte:
    Charlotte: Now you're small, just like me. Let's pretend we're postage stamps!
  • Charlotte's "Why Don't We Pretend to Be" song.
  • Charlotte's stupidity hitting its suicidal apex in "Marvin the Middle Manager", in which she gleefully plots her own demise. Which involves her being dressed like a butterfly. Being hit with a piano via Rube Goldberg Hates Your Guts. And Marvin's dumbstruck reaction to all this still manages to be the funniest part of the scene.
    Marvin: What's next?
    Charlotte: Oo! It's the last thing on the list! "Number 27: Destroy Charlotte."
    Marvin: (Spit Take)
    Charlotte: Teehee! That sounds easy enough! Maybe I could be attacked by wolverines!
    Marvin: Uh...
    Charlotte: Or how about if I was catapulted to the moon!
    Marvin: My budget won't...
    Charlotte: I know! I could dress up like a fly! *gasp* No! Wait! Wait! Butterflies are prettier! I'll be a butterfly that gets hit by a piano!
    Marvin: Uh...(eye twitch)...okay...
    Charlotte: This is going to be fun! If it works, Vendetta will be so happy, I think she'll promote us both. Yippee!

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