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Nightmare Fuel / Making Fiends

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Basically the entire premise of the show could be this. An Enfant Terrible has taken over/traumatized a town using homemade monsters to the point that no one has the guts to go up against her. She is now hell bent on murdering another girl just because she wanted to be friends with her, and the only thing keeping this little girl from getting killed is her uncanny obliviousness and naivety. Black Comedy indeed.

  • There's an even bigger bit of Fridge Horror, if you take into account that Clamburg used to be a nice town. What's more, the line "Stay away from Clamburg or else you'll get put in the hospital" seems to imply that Vendetta has already killed or at least seriously injured someone in the past.
  • "Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!" Charlotte meets her untimely demise again and again and again, and in each case, her last words are "Yay! Gumdrops!" Only one clone is aware it's a trap, and she finds out a little too late.
    • Turns out there were at least two Charlottes that didn't get eaten. Whether or not one of them was the original Charlotte is unclear.
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  • Vendetta's Slasher Smile while she gives cookies to people in the episode where she is trying to be evil as Charlotte.
  • The end of Shrinking Charlotte, when the giant cat swallows the shrinking slug and one of the gianting squid.
    • The same episode had a rather creepy Leitmotif, with its table-rattling, two-note bass and eerie pads.


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