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Even amongst all the horrors The Maw throws Six into, there is still one or two funny things that happen.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Main Game

  • Six can apparently wear different items on her head, ranging from something that looks similar to the nomes headdress, to a small teapot.
  • One of the things that Six can use to distract the Janitor is a tv set. When she turns it on, some random show comes on that has a woman singing in loud faux-Spanish sounding gibberish (which on closer inspection is actually distorted English words), creating something both unsettling and hilarious sounding. Funnier still is when Six escapes that section of rooms, and it can still be heard from some distance away.
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  • Six can chuck things at her pursuers. It can be kind of funny seeing a chef No-Sell a glass bottle breaking over his face.
  • A hungry Guest ravenously crawling after you? Terrifying. Watching that same Guest accidentally wedge himself into a doorway? Hilarious.
  • The Shoe Burrower chasing after you? Terrifying. Said Shoe Burrower trying to catch you, only to whack its head under the platform you're standing on? Hilarious.
  • A literal tidal wave of guests crawling after you with the same intensity as a flash flood? Terrifying. The whole thing completely stopping on a dime when you escape across the gap, with one of them falling over the railing? Hilarious.
    • There's something oddly comical about the way the one guest who falls over the edge, if you listen close enough you hear a quiet "splat" sound when they reach the bottom of the Maw.
  • Inside the bathroom in The Guest Hall, there is a one-way mirror by a toilet that leads to a room with a solitary chair, implying that someone in the ship likes to watch people do their business.
    • Upon exiting this room, a chef can be seen through a screen wall working on an upcoming meal, complete with a loud, repeated "thwack" sound as he goes ham on it... Yes, he's literally beating his meat.
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  • One of the Nomes you can find is next to a sleeping Guest, and the Guest's hand is sitting in a bucket of water...


  • In "The Depths", when you reach the final sequence with the Granny, you initially slip through to see her curled up and resting on a rotting lounge-chair floating in all the stagnant water. She stays like that for a second, and then seems to realize you can see her and then quickly slips into the water, as if embarrassed at being caught having a little nanny-nap.
  • After the Janitor takes him away and bags him, the next scene shows the boy wriggling out of the bags. However, as it rips, he comes to realize that if he falls it wouldn't be pleasant and struggles to hang on. You can just imagine him thinking, "This was a mistake. This was a mistake. I should have just stayed in the bag."
    • He eventually falls, almost cartoonishly bouncing off a few pipes before falling through some wooden boards and then landing on a pile of cloth.
  • The boy picking up the Nomes and then chucking them onto levers to pull can be plenty amusing.
    • Then in order to befriend some, he has to run around like he's chasing a stubborn pet before giving them a hug.
    • In one part of the DLC, when finding a huge pile of coal, there's a Nome wriggling in the pile with their feet kicking wildly while their head is stuck inside the coal pile. The Runaway Kid has to pull the Nome out by its feet.


  • One of the promotional arts shows Six scrubbing a customer despite her diminutive size.