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Tear Jerker / Little Nightmares

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

Little Nightmares

  • Six waking up for the first time after her nightmare in a lonely little suitcase, a room away from a hanging victim, leading many players to sympathize with her and want her to escape the Maw.
  • One of the moments of kindness that Six experiences is from a boy sitting in a cafeteria, who upon hearing her stomach growl, throws his bread to her through the bars and watches her eat it ravenously.
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  • Can count as heartwarming when Six gives any Nome she comes across a hug. Seeing as how they were once children, it's probably been a long time since they've been shown any kind of affection.
  • As another hunger pain strikes Six, she comes across a Nome that holds a sausage and offers it to her. Instead, to many players' horror, she decides to grab the Nome and begins to devour it.
    • It's heavily implied that Six is slowly being corrupted the longer she stays in the Maw. It's also implied that Six is aware of what's happening to her and is powerless to stop herself.

Secrets of the Maw

  • One child who tries to run for it gets captured by the Janitor, and you can hear them sobbing as he takes them away.
  • A girl the Runaway boy comes across seems to be successful thus far in her attempts to escape. However, when you come upon some loose boards in a fence that you can push away, there's a Trail of Blood on it, and the flashlight she once used is on the ground near a swelled leech.
  • In the chapter with the Nomes, the Runaway Kid will enter a room filled with childish drawings, with a furnace that a handful of the Nomes seem hypnotized by. However, when you look at the shadows created by these Nomes, you can see that these ones have the silhouettes of other children.
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  • As of the Runaway Kid's DLC, the player comes to care for the Runaway, just as they've come to care for Six and want him to escape and Earn Your Happy Ending. Unfortunately, in the final chapter of his DLC, the Lady realizes that he's seen her ugly face and turns him into a Nome. With such heavy significance put on the boy's story and then being turned into a Nome, many people will quickly connect the dots and realize the Runaway Boy's true fate. He will eventually be the Nome who kindly tries to offer Six a sausage, but gets more than he bargained for.



  • A boy and his sister are running away from an air elemental monster named the North Wind. They take shelter in a barn where the North Wind tempts them to come out. The boy demands that it leave them alone. However, the North Wind convinces him to come out when it reveals it has a secret and it's one that makes him cry: his sister was dead for years all along. Then he wonders who he has been traveling with this whole time. He turns around to see the Ferryman.
  • The hunchback girl didn't always look like this. She was once part of a group of children who went into a supposedly haunted house with a hall of mirrors. These mirrors grant a person's wishes, but are also a trap set up by a monster hiding in the mirrors. The girl manages to defeat the monster by breaking one of the mirrors, but it ends up warping her body. Her remaining friends assure her they'll go find help. None of them ever return. And at that moment, the Ferryman arrives at the house.