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Super Mario World romhack related:

  • Do not play with the block duplication glitch (1) (2).
  • The human body overworld someone sent in to a Super Mario World overworld contest (18+).
  • When he completely wrecks the original O Ninja Negro at the end of part 4.
    • In fact, most of that let's play near the end.
  • To some, him raging. A prime example of this would be almost the entirety of Hammer Brother. Special mention goes to Green Ice Night in part 11 of his let's play of that hack.
  • When he finds the secret mushroom level in Around the World known as Mycelium Island, after talking about how he never found a mooshroom biome while playing Minecraft.
    • Comment from Daizo Dee Von: There's your mooshroom biome!
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  • The very idea of a romhack called Mario Versus The Police even existing, let alone a full playthrough of it.
  • The cutscene before the final boss in Luigi's Misadventures: Tsux Namine's Factor.
    • I'll use Tsux Namine's songs to make me the ultimate god of YouTube! Also, I'll make everyone forget about the Jew incident!
  • From that same hack, the Markiplier special world.



Doki Doki Literature Club:

  • The poem he wrote himself because he wasn't satisfied with just picking words.
    Roses are red,
    Todd Rogers is a myth.
    Speedrunning is the most degenerate act,
    man has ever come up with.
  • His reading of The Raccoon, though it wasn't intended to be this:
    My attention was caught by the scattering of a raocow outside my window.
  • The livestream chat in general, but this highlight from someone who got on the stream long after the more disturbing content such as Sayori's and Yuri's deaths, takes the cake:
    "Hello, what's this game? It looks so sexy"


Doki Doki Literature Club game mods:

  • Almost all of Doki Doki Do You Lift Club. Special mention goes to Yuronk.
  • In one of the ending sin the Monika Route Mod (which expands on the original Doki Doki Literture Club! by adding a new route for Monika and even a means of stopping Sayori from killing herself), the Your Reality song glitches out. He sings it.
  • From Dokis & Dragons: Flaws: DENSE
  • This mod has pretty much everything: Engrish, totally random appearances from both Maki and Tsumugi, the latter which you can have sex with, a Go Hard meme video playing, and no means of explaining pretty much anything the story had. The thing that made him completely lose his cool though was the self-voicing feature which he turned on for the sex scene with Tsumugi.



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