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  • Any scene of Matt and Ronnie snarking at each other.
  • The special features on the Season 2 DVD include a 10-minute gag-reel. Most of the clips are typical, such as flubbing lines, malfunctioning props, etc. But the highlight is a botched scene where Matt and Ronnie are interviewing a witness. Distracted by the loud music playing in the background, Jamie Bamber begins struggling not to laugh before finally cracking up, declaring, "I'm sorry; I can't fucking do this." Knowing that the take is no good anyway, Bradley Walsh begins dancing to the music. What makes this double as a Moment of Awesome is that he continues to say his lines with a straight face as though this is perfectly normal, even as his movements get increasingly goofy, pretending to be unaware as to why Bamber and the other actors are laughing so hard that they're doubling over.
     Series 1 
  • "Vice": Matt and Ronnie are trying to find the office of a business. They find a forwarding house, and talk to the clerk there.
    Matt: You sit here all day, forwarding letters?
    Clerk: All day... every day... We're not allowed a computer, because that would be too distracting... and that camera monitors me... all day... every day...
    Ronnie: You enjoy your job?
  • "Care", as Matt tries to question a witness who only speaks French:
    Matt: (stumbling) Avez vous... (turns to Ronnie) What's "seen"?
    Ronnie: (Proceeds to speak to the man in perfect French)
    Matt: You speak French?
    Ronnie: What do you think I am, some sort of Neanderthal?
    Matt: You might have said something before I made a tit of myself.
    Ronnie: Where's the Fun in That??
    • This scene is made all the funnier by the fact that Jamie Bamber is fluent in French and probably could have spoken the language for the entire episode.
  • "Unloved": When Alesha informs James and George of an defense attorney's intent to present a ludicrous (but still plausible) defense:
    George: Let's not panic. No sane judge would let that get beyond a hearing. So who did we draw?
    Alesha: Judge DeMarco.
    (James winces and groans)
    George: Oh, God. Let's panic.
    • From the same episode, Matt and Ronnie are talking to several gang members to discern if they're responsible for the death of a young boy. Matt bets that if he makes a basketball shot, the gang leader will answer his questions. So Matt takes the ball, makes the play. . .and misses by a mile. The boys laugh their heads off at him, but the gang leader decides to answer Matt's questions anyway, as a "thank you" for amusing him.
  • "Unsafe": As Alesha, Matt, and Ronnie gather in the lab, the technician describes the evidence found on a victim as "stuff you might find in your mattress." Matt turns to Alesha and cheekily declares "Not in my mattress" while giving her a smoldering Held Gaze... which Alesha doesn't notice because she's turning to look at Ronnie with a shocked, "Is this guy for real?" expression... which he doesn't notice because he's looking at Matt like he wants to give him a Dope Slap. Meanwhile, the technician babbles on, completely oblivious to any of this.
    • Later in the episode, as Matt takes off after a suspect, Ronnie saunters along in the opposite direction in order to cut him off, as casually as if he's taking a Sunday evening stroll. Upon being confronted by Ronnie, the suspect inexplicably decides that he has a better chance of taking on the younger, fitter Matt, who subdues him in about five seconds. At this, Ronnie informs him You Do Not Have to Say Anything, still as calm and relaxed as ever.
  • "Buried"
    • As Ronnie and Matt enter a flower shop to speak with an employee, they pass a man leaving with a huge bouquet.
    Ronnie: "Blimey. What's he done wrong?"
     Series 2 
  • "Love & Loss": "It's finally happened. You've become Elliot Ness."
    • From the same episode, as Matt and Ronnie interview the owner of a driving school, titled, "Intensive Care". Matt and Ronnie are incredulous at how oblivious the woman is to the inappropriateness of the name, with Matt visibly struggling not to crack up before finally bursting out laughing (in a manner that indicates that Jamie Bamber is genuinely losing it) after she walks away. As they leave, Ronnie snaps:
    "Do me a favor, Matty boy. Next time we walk past a brick wall, just bang my head against it. It'll be much quicker."
    • Later, back at the police station:
      Angie: "Who names a driving school "Intensive Care""?
      Matt & Ronnie: "Leave it, Ange!"
  • "Sacrifice": A doctor the detectives have been speaking with gives Ronnie her card, ostensibly in case they need more information. Matt sees through her ruse and as they walk away, starts gushing like a teenage girl, "She just gave you her phone number!". An amused Ronnie merely replies, " I know".
     Series 3 
  • A rather dark example from "Broken". When they arrive at the apartment of a woman who works as a prostitute, she comes out of her bedroom and declares, "I don't do threesomes, so one of you will have to wait." The brief WTF reaction from Matt and Ronnie is priceless.
  • "Survivor": When Natalie realizes that they'll need to talk with Alesha, she and Ronnie give Matt a very meaningful look. Cue the hilarious wide-eyed Double Take from him as he realizes that they're not only aware of his crush on her, but expect him to use it to get the information they need.
     Series 5 
  • "The Wrong Man": The detectives are alerted to a case of medical malpractice by an anonymous informant. The investigation soon stalls.
    Ronnie: We need to schedule a rendezvous with "Deep Throat".
    (Matt's eyes widen and he starts purring like a cat)
    Ronnie: (snaps) Not the porn film!

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