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Awesome / Law & Order: UK

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     Series 1 
  • "Unsafe":
    • A recently paroled criminal is out for his morning jog and runs right into Matt and Ronnie:
      Slade (smugly): "Morning, gents. Are you enjoying the day?"
      Matt (even more smugly): "We're about to."
    • (The backstory on this moment is that the detectives have finally gotten the evidence necessary to put the man in jail for good, after he's spent the entire episode running circles around them and James.
    • James confronts his nemesis with irrefutable proof of his guilt in several murders and the man tries to rattle him by reciting the address of the home his son shares with his ex-wife. James is shaken, but rather than leaping across the table and strangling the SOB, he manages to pull it together, coldly bid the man "goodbye" and walk out of the room, ignoring the man's demands that he come back.
  • "Alesha": Alesha's rapist is acquitted and it looks like a Karma Houdini, but James isn't about to let that happen. So he goes to Matt, who is "more than okay" with pulling an underhanded stunt to get him locked up. Starting with the humiliation of arresting him in front of a gathering of his colleagues and TV cameras and culminating with Alesha herself who walking into the room with folders containing the complaints of the 14 other women he's assaulted, effectively shutting up both his and his lawyer's protestations of his innocence. And even then, James still rubs it in by saying that he'll settle for the man being given a life sentence, as opposed to him "spending a week locked in a room with his victims".
     Series 4 
  • "Help": Ronnie talking down the scared kid holding a gun on him, yet still taking the time to reassure Matt.
     Series 6 
  • "Line Up": Alesha flawlessly handles the prosecution of three boys who gang-raped a girl. Although she's clearly motivated by her own ordeal, not only does she shows no signs of letting it adversely affect her, the ending scene implies that she's finally achieved closure.
     Series 8 
  • "Hard Stop": Ronnie working up the nerve to walk out of the store, leaving behind the bottle of vodka he just purchased, with the voiceover of his eulogy for his murdered friend Wes:
    "You've never let me down before. . .and I won't let you down now."

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