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  • Mikoko's picnic with Kaiji in the third series; the scene was so popular that they based the second anime season's ED on it.
  • Pretty much every time Sakazaki talks about his daughter.
  • Otsuki's Villainous Breakdown; he waves his fists around and shouts "NO COUNT" over and over again. His lackey and friend Numakuwa gives him a tired look that just screams "wow, he really has lost it this time".
  • Muraoka suggesting Uno as the game for his gamble with Kaiji in series 3; the fact that it's the last page of a chapter combined with Kaiji's over-the-top reaction makes it look like some kind of bizarre Cliffhanger.
    • Made even more hilarious by the fact that Tonegawa's spinoff reveals that one of the Men in Black suggested Uno as the game they'd have debtors play in the first arc. Strange Minds Think Alike?
  • Tonegawa dramatically announcing that, for the first meeting of the group tasked with creating an event to entertain the president, they will be doing...introductions. Including stuff like "what is your favourite hobby". For a group specifically tasked with coming up with an extremely diabolical event.
    • Him trying to remember the names of each man in black, not helped by almost all of them having similar sounding or confusing names. At the end, he also notices that every single one of them said that their hobby was bowling.

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