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Heartwarming / Kaiji

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  • From season 1, episode 9: "I want to free that man with all this money."
  • The ending to the pachinko arc is very uplifting. After finally defeating Ichijou and "the bog", Kaiji, Sakazaki and Endou laugh, cry and hug each other. They then spend the night drinking and sharing the money that they just won evenly. Kaiji is able to pay off his debts and even release his friends, Sakazaki can finally start over and Endou won't have to worry about Teiai Corporation anymore. Made even better by the fact that Endou was previously a villain.
  • The end of Season 2, The 45ers reunite on the surface. Mirai wa bokura no te no naka!
    • Before that, Kaiji is ashamed to meet his friends because he lost all of his remaining money in a pachinko game. Cue one of the Teiai guards giving him 30000 yen for free (and then telling the other guard to not let the president know about this). Considering this is coming from a Teiai employee of all people, it's a super heartwarming moment.

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