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  • Black Adam, when Sand tells the JSA to "scatter".
    Black Adam: Black Adam does not "scatter"!
    *Cue him being literally stomped on.*
  • When Kendra travels to Ancient Egypt, she meets Chay-Ara, her ancestor and kind of herself.
    Chay-Ara: You look familiar. Have we met before?
    Kendra: Sort of. Damn this is creepy.
  • Lightning taking her frustration about her Power Incontinence out on Gog while shouting "I want to drive a car". Ted Grant even comments on her weird Battlecry.
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  • In a fairly early issue, Black Adam and Atom Smasher have an arm-wrestling match. The table they have it on loses.
  • After Obsidian is brought back to life by a time-travelling Mister Terrific, the first thing he does is troll Alan Scott:
    Obsidian: No side-effects if my disability, except that I'm no longer gay, of course. That's right dad! I'm cured! Isn't that great?
    *Awkward looks from the assembled JSA members*
    Obsidian: Relax folks, only kidding. Still gay.
  • In JSA #54, the team is sitting down to a Thanksgiving dinner with the Justice League of America, only for the dinner to get destroyed by a pair of villains;
    Kulak: At last! I will have my revenge on the Justice Society! You thought Kulak the Sorcerer forever imprisoned! But with the help of the Warlock of Ys, I have escaped, and the world will be ours!
    Warlock: Together we will crush the Justice League, my sworn enemies! The Earth will tremble before us and you will—[facing two teams of supremely cheesed-off superheroes] One...two...three...four...there's quite a few more here than we thought aren't there?
    Kulak: Maybe we should excuse ourselves. They were sitting down to eat...
    Alan Scott: Superman?
    Superman[cracking his knuckles]: After you.
    • The teams end up ordering pizzas.

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