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  • After Mr. Terrific has to listen to JJ be a massive dick, he thinks to himself "Man, sometimes I don't think we'll ever get through to these kids today," as he walks off. Cue Stargirl chewing JJ out and telling JJ that if he ever talks to Mr. Terrific like that again, she will kick his butt. Mr. Terrific hears all of it from around the corner and smiles.
  • After pushing the JSA away when they tried to help her when she was breaking down, and seeing them still help her, Kendra says with an adorable grin, "I love you guys. Now let's go home."
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  • After the death of Johnny Thunder (via natural causes), Jakeem is sad that he didn't really get to know him. Thunderbolt decides to combine his soul with that of Johnny's, letting him live on as his younger self.
  • When Captain Marvel, Hawkgirl and Mr. Terrific are sent to Ancient Egypt, a younger and less jaded Black Adam tells Billy that he's glad that his legacy lived on, even though his family and people didn't. He then calls Captain Marvel his brother.
  • When Alan defeats Obsidian for the second time, he gives us this badassery:
    Alan Scott: That's why the Justice Society is so important to me. To Jay and Ted and Carter. Jay and his wife couldn't have children of their own/ Ted lost his son. Carter neglected his. And I... I was never even there for mine. We failed our children. But we won't fail again. I won't fail you again. You or any of the Children if the Justice Society. That is my oath.
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  • Doctor Fate showing Mordru the future and that the Justice Society's legacy will live on and that there will always be heroes. He shows Mordru the Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • At one point Mr. Terrific is having a near death experience and sees his deceased wife. In the past he confessed to Dr Midnite that when he thought of her he only saw her dead body instead of her smile. After he is revived he tells the doctor that he saw her smiling again.
  • In the last issue of Geoff Johns' run, Ted Grant tells his son how he used to pity Stripesy having to be the sidekick of a teenage superhero, but has since realized that there's a certain pride to be found in standing back and watching younger heroes find their way. Tommy asks him what the hell he's babbling about, and Ted just gives him an affectionate noogie and says, "I'd be your sidekick any day of the week, you pain in the ass."

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