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Tear Jerker / Justice Society of America

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  • Captain Marvel breaking up with Stargirl is easily this.
  • Atom Smasher's death at the hands of The Spectre, heightened by Black Adam and Stargirl's reaction. She's a cutesy teen hero, and he's the older guy she has feelings for and idolized, so she breaks down in tears over his dead body.
  • When Stargirl she spends an issue talking about parents (i.e. how her stepfather is a good one and her real father is a scumbag), only to find out that her birth father has died. Her reaction is to break into tears, and ask her stepfather why she even cares, unable to comprehend why she would feel bad for someone who "was never even there!" "Because you're a wonderful daughter." is the answer.
    • There is also a more meta tear jerker there. Stargirl is based on the sister of Geoff Johns, who wrote JSA (and Stars & STRIPE); she died on flight TWA800. It makes for tears to see this character go from a bit of a brat into a competent reliable mentor-ish hero and remember that he wrote her after his sister.
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  • The story "Out of Time", which chronicles the final moments of the third Hourman as he sacrifices himself to preserve the timeline and the universe and to give the first and second Hourmen a chance to be a family again.


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