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Tear Jerker / Justice Lords Beyond

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  • Wonder Woman's story. To start with, she decided to stay in the Justice Lord's Universe to help Lord Batman reform the Justice Lords.
    • The reform effort led to a civil war, where her enemies were Lord Superman and her Justice Lord counterpart.
    • In the meantime, she became lovers with Lord Batman, a relationship that lasted until Lady Wonder Woman killed him.
    • After that, she killed Lady Wonder Woman, and as a result was no longer worthy of the Lasso of Truth.
    • To put an end to the civil war, she marries Lord Superman, who likely had her counterpart kill Lord Batman, even though she hates him.
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    • They have a son, who was created in a birthing matrix. Brainiac kidnaps their son and sends him to Jax-Ur in the League Universe.
    • Near the end, her own son rejects her, as he claims that she only used him as a tool like Jax-Ur did.

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