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Tear Jerker / Justice League Dark

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With a name like Justice League Dark, who'd be surprised to feel sad?

  • Issue #30: After thirty issues of alternating between being an asshole with a massively creepy obsession with Zatanna, and trying his best to be noble, John barges into the House of Mysteries, takes down the entire team, and asks for five minutes with Zatanna. Even though Zatanna has every right to refuse and knows it's a bad idea, she agrees (calling herself an idiot). Instead of trying to weasel his way into getting everything back, they have a sincere conversation about how Zatanna's conflicted feelings stem from her not realizing (or willing to realize) that John is nice to her out of selfishness, not decency. John then leaves the House and the JLD in her hands because they'd be better off without him. And the last thing he tells her is not 'I love you' but "Don't forget me."

2017 Animated Movie

  • The people who fall under the effect of the spell in the first few minutes commit horrible crimes, despite being law-abiding citizens. When the spell wears off, the realize just how bad it was and the damage done can't be reverted.
    • Even sadder is how the incidents involving Superman and Wonder Woman have these citizens terrified and confused, but thanks to the spell and just how bad it makes them look from an outside perspective, they're condemned by the heroes they've sought out for help and lose everything.
    Woman: Wonder Woman! Save me! Save me from them!
    Wonder Woman: From whom?
    Woman: Demons! They're everywhere, don't you see them? (the demons she ran over are suddenly a crowd of injured and/or dead pedestrians)
    Wonder Woman: (Looking right at her) I see only one.
  • The very next scene has a man under the effects of the spell holding his wife and children at gunpoint, believing they're demons that have killed his family. The way his wife pleads with him, while huddled next to their cowering children beside an overturned table is upsetting, and it only gets worse from there.
  • A woman is about to throw her newborn daughter off a church after seeing her as the devil. Batman tries talking her out of it, but the woman is unable to see past the illusions (save for a very brief, fleeting moment) and throws the baby. Though Batman manages to save the baby girl, he's unable to save her mother, who ends up committing suicide by jumping off the church she just threw her daughter from. After seeing the mother's corpse on the ground, all Batman can say to the now orphaned infant is a woeful "I'm sorry." Considering Batman's past, this really hits home for him.
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  • Swamp-thing having his human side ripped out.