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Obsidian: What are you going to do? Recite your silly little oath at me? Tell me how "no will is greater than yours", how you "wrote the book on willpower"?
Green Lantern: No. We're beyond willpower. This is about me finally taking responsibility.
Obsidian: For what? For making a monster?
Green Lantern: No. For not being a parent.
(Green Lantern uses his powers to restrain his son, and basically burn the evil out of him using willpower, love and a Green Lantern Ring)
Green Lantern: That's why the Justice Society is so important to me. To Jay and Ted and Carter. Jay couldn't have children. Ted lost his son. Carter neglected his. And I... I was never even there for mine. We failed our children. But we won't fail them again. I won't fail you again. Or any of the children of the Justice Society. And that is my oath.
Alan Scott, demonstrating why old farts in spandex are awesome

Hawkman: I can't help wondering if the world still has a place for heroes like us.
Jay Garrick: More than ever, I'd say. The way I see it, we have a responsibility to the heroes that came after us, Carter. The people down there, in the streets — the people that really matter — they look up to teams like the Titans and the League — But the Titans and the League — They look up to us.
Alan Scott: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Who Watches the Watchmen?.
The Justice Society, explaining why they're needed

The Justice League is a strike force. The Justice Society is a family.
Batman, Justice Society of America Vol 3 Issue 1, explaining the core diffrerence between the DCU's two big teams

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