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  • It's not really a funny show, but "Herod's Song" is hilarious.
  • In the 2000 film, Simon's Oh, Crap! look when Jesus sings "this is my blood you drink" just as he's sipped from the wine.
    • At the next line ("This is my body you eat"), the apostle handling the loaf of bread stares at it and then quickly wipes his hands.
  • Pilate can be hilariously snarky. His delivery in the 1973 film makes it even better.
    Pilate (to the crowd): Well, this is new! Respect for Caesar! Till now, this has been noticeably lacking!
    • Not to mention:
      Pilate: You hypocrites! You hate us more than him!
  • If one listens in the film version, right after Judas sings "a man like you, could waste his time, on women of her kind!", Simon can be heard yelling, "hey cool it, man!!!".
  • In the 2018 concert, Judas visibly rolls his eyes at some of the backup dancers, and at one point sarcastically dances along.
    • A lot of Judas' reactions in the 2000 version are absolutely hilarious, particularly during Simon's song.
    • Even the 2012 concert version gets in on the snarky-background-Judas action: during the Last Supper, just as Jesus sings "this is my blood you drink", Judas rolls his eyes as if to say "here he goes being a drama queen again...".

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