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Funny / JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

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  • Watching Karate Kid and Dawnstar, taking a taxi.
    Cab Driver: You need some place to go, I help you. The Hall of Justice maybe?
    Karate Kid: How do you know where we're headed?
    Dawnstar: Yes how?
    Cab Driver: (looks to Dawnstar incredulously) Um, I think the wings you have on your back kind of gave it away.
    • When they finally get to the hall and the cab driver tries to explain they have to pay for the ride. Dawnstar offers a blessing of good fortune for the cabby and his vehicle.
    Dawnstar: Bless and protect this man in his many travels. And give him total consciousness upon his demise.
    Cab Driver: (the cab starts to glow as it floats away) Ah! AHH! Put me down you crazy looking freaky people!
  • Robin getting bored while on monitor duty and playing an online dungeon crawler game to pass the time.
    • Robin is not happy when Batman tells him to stay in the batwing. Boy Wonder snarks every minute of it just about how much he hates it. It's great.
    Robin: (grumbles under his breath) I'm gonna touch whatever I want. (starts pressing buttons at random) Touch this button and this button and this button.
    Batman: I heard that.
    • It's just weirdly hilarious to hear Sokka saying things like "Justice League," "overdrive," and "Batman." Also his fight with Karate Kid, for a similar reason.
  • Cheetah and Grundy's attempt to trick Ma and Pa Kent into handing over baby Superman.
    • And the fight over Superbaby manages to both be dramatic and funny...then suddenly terrifying.
  • Superbaby sending Bizarro flying with one punch.

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