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The Flash is actually Barry Allen, not Wally West.
He has blue eyes. Him being a Big Eater doesn't point to him being Wally, as the Barry of the two live-action Flash series also have this triat. He wears a version of the New 52 costume and that was based, as well as the one most associated Wally, on the costume from the 90s series, and that Flash was Barry. Flash being voiced Jason Spisak also isn't a sign. The Flash on The Batman and Justice League: Doom were voiced by, respectively, Charlie Schlatter and Michael Rosenbaum, who were the respective voices for the DCAU Flash on Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League. Yet, despite that Flash being Wally, Word of God stated the Flash on The Batman to be Barry and we're explicitly shown in Doom that it's Barry under the mask.

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