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Headscratchers / JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

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  • How did Luthor survive until the 31st century? Freezing is NOT harmless!
    • Not in Real Life it isn't. Good thing, then, that this is fiction. Fictional fiction of fictionosity.
    • A better question: how does Lex walk away like nothing happened after being frozen for a thousand years, but needs Dawnstar to heal him when he was just frozen? They didn't even bother to give some pseudo-scientific explanation? I'll take Harmless Freezing but not lack of internal logic.
      • One guess might be that the futuristic museum Luthor awoke in had some manner of health regulators in its systems, invisibly nursing him back to health as it might do for any Lo SH member or their visitors, if they were injured. When Karate Kid and Dawnstar thawed him in the present, it was from a much deeper sheet of ice, that he had only been cast into recently, and out in the open, the open being arctic conditions for a man just unfrozen, thereby needing Dawnstar.
  • Why were things as dangerous as Luthor and the Time Trapper kept in a museum where anyone could get them?
    • Wasn't it the Legion of Super-Heroes HQ?
      • Probably not, 31th century Metropolis usually has a Superman Museum of some sort and the place in the film seems to be it.
  • How did Flash find the Legion of Doom's HQ?
  • Temporal paradoxes:
    • Even if Superman never founded the League, his not existing would not have prevented the other heroes' origins. Where were they when the villains took over the World?
      • Apparently the Time Trapper can make someone straight-up Ret Gone.
    • If Superman never existed, how does Bizarro - a twisted clone or double of Superman - still exist?
    • If the League never existed, then how did Luthor get frozen?
    • Superman not existing is more than just him and Bizarro. Even the non-Smallville-like continuities have Lex at least challenged by Superman's existence as a reason for being who he is; Many Cheetah origins have a similar bent for Wonder Woman, and the Lo D is certainly dependent on the SF/JLA's existence - forgetting about COTSF's origin for them, no way those egos would come together without a coherent threat from the heroes. Also, what do the Kents remember about that weirdness when they found Clark? Some memories seem to transcend the time-storm.
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    • The implication is that, as long as Lex controls Time Trapper, he decides which paradoxes to enforce. He didn't want his own team erased from the new timestream, so they weren't. (At least, until Lex became the focus of a second paradox, since Time Trapper was not doing Lex's bidding willingly) Of course, the whole thing is all meant to be taken with a heaping helping of Bellisario's Maxim.
    • Given how powerful Time Trapper is, he probably makes up his own rules on such things.
    • It seems being the subject of a paradox simply means becoming vulnerable to the Time Trapper's erasing ability. So, you can still run around with no reason to exist as long as he does not decide to delete you (and even then, it looks more like being erased than actually becoming Ret Gone).
  • Why is Toy Man a puppet? I couldn't find any information about this on the internet.
    • Probably a Mythology Gag to Justice, which featured Toyman controling robots that looked like puppet versions of the Jack Nimball Toyman.
  • Why does the bad future at the end looks so nice and peaceful? Shouldn't the future look like a wreck, assuming the Legion of Doom have descendants running the planet?
    • We are not exactly sure if this is a bad future, only that the Superman Museum became a Luthor Museum. It could simply be that Luthor managed to become a Villain with Good Publicity in this universe and be remembered as a good guy.
  • Why do Karate Kid and Dawnstar get to keep their memories? They're lucky they are still alive in their timeline. You would think changing the past would destroy their chance of being born in the future.
    • Holding the Time Trapper hourglass seems to act as some kind of protection against paradoxes. As pointed above, Luthor's history did not change either when he erased the Justice League.

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