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The book:

  • After Paganel announces his intention to join the search for Captain Grant, he also announces his intention to teach Robert geography.
    Robert bade fair to be an accomplished gentleman some day, for John Mangles was to make a sailor of him, and the Major was to teach him sang-froid, and Glenarvan and Lady Helena were to instil into him courage and goodness and generosity, while Mary was to inspire him with gratitude toward such instructors.
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  • When Captain Mangles starts to develop feelings for Mary, there's this line:
    He was smitten with quite a peculiar interest for this young girl, and managed to conceal his sentiments so well that everyone on board saw it except himself and Mary Grant.
  • Paganel's mistakes. All of them. Special mention goes to the time he thought he was studying Spanish... and it turns out he was studying Portuguese. He gets teased about it.
    McNabbs: But mind no fits of absence of mind, my dear Paganel; and if you take a fancy to learn Australian, don't go and study it in a Chinese grammar.
  • The other most glaring example of Science Marches On fits in a single line:


The 1962 film:

  • While in South America, the team experience an earthquake. Everyone panics... except Paganel, who's happily watching mountains crumble before his eyes.
    Paganel: This is an experience that makes our entire expedition worthwhile! [the rock he's standing on collapses]
  • Any of the times Lord Glenarvan breaks out the snark.
    Paganel: I'm so stupid, milord.
    Glenarvan: I know, but that's never worried you till now. Upon my word, I don't know which is worse; you being so happy you sing all the time or so glum you won't even talk. [imitating Paganel] The ombú tree is gorgeous, enjoy it!

    Glenarvan: I don't know which is worse; a crazy man who thinks he's smart or a Frenchman who admits he's stupid.
  • Bill Gaye in general.
  • During the fight between Glenarvan's crew and Ayrton's men, Paganel smashes his telescope over one of Ayrton's men's head, bending it out of shape. He looks very upset about this. A minute later, he smashes it over another man's head, bending it back into shape. Then he nods and smiles gratefully at the man he just knocked out!


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