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Funny / If My Heart Had Wings

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  • When Aoi confesses to Kotori during a glider flight, the radio was transmitting their exchange. When the ground crew calls in with congratulations, the couple's reaction is priceless.
  • On Kotori's route, when she turns down Miyata's confession, her reasoning is that her love is unrequited. One might think she's referring to Aoi, until it jumps to a chibi panel with her eyes sparkling as she says " love with the sky!" Even Aoi and Ageha have trouble stifling a laugh.
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  • Near the end of Amane's route, she shows up wearing a school uniform, though she's no longer a student. Just for nostalgia's sake. The result? The instant he catches sight of her, Aoi reels as though hit by a ton of bricks, then sees her bordered by pink roses!
  • The chibi panels in general, unsurprisingly. A few examples:
    • When Amane's lack of motor skill is first brought up, the others ask her to do some sidehops. She just can't do them with any sort of coordination. The panels dance awkwardly across the screen to illustrate this.
    • At one point, Kotori gets upset and sics Hat on her big sister, resulting in the duck getting in her face and flapping wildly at her. (Later on, she threatens to do it again, but once was enough to get the message across.)
    • Dragged along shopping with Aoi and Ageha, poor Kotori is treated like a shopping cart, with increasingly heavy groceries dropped in the basket on her lap. She can't feel it with her paralyzed legs, but she acts as though she does.
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    • At the beach, Aoi and Ageha throw their friends off a promontory. Said friends' faces as they fall are the best part.
  • During Amane's route, at one there is a joyous reunion, with Aoi, Kotori, and Ageha running to greet Amane, and Amane doing the same at the other end. Amane almost immediately trips and falls flat on her face.

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