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YMMV / If My Heart Had Wings

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  • Les Yay: Amane's relationship with Isuka. The two were extremely close, with Isuka being really seriously passionate about teaching Amane about love and beauty, and An-chan even says at one point that while he liked Isuka, there was no place for him since she was too caught up in Amane.
  • Macekre: MoeNovel's English translation is this to many in the visual novel community. In addition to the removal of H-content in order to appeal to a larger audience, they've been criticized for their clunky, literal English script, inconsistent additional censorship (some lecherous observations and jokes by the main character are left intact, while others are lazily altered), and for rewriting Ageha's route from the ground up, allegedly due to its story revolving around the H-scenes.
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  • Memetic Mutation: "12-year-old French girls." note 
  • Story Branch Favoritism: Could be seen as applying to Kotori and Amane's routes. Kotori gets the most romantically charged moments in the first part of the game before the route is chosen and she is the most prominent character in the movies that play between acts, getting actual animated movements. Amane's route on the other hand is the one that reveals the most of the story's mysteries such as the fate of Isuka and the nature of the previous Soaring Club and their activities.

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