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Funny / Dreamy Days in West Tokyo

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  • At the end of Haruki's sequel, Haruki and the protagonist stay overnight in a hotel where they decide not to have sex yet. Upon their return, their friends assume the obvious. Rihito and Ichigo both flee from the couple, shouting about how the protagonist is no longer the little girl they remember. Ryuzo, completely confused by all this, announces that he has no idea what's going on and then runs away as well.
    Ryuzo: I don't know what's going on, but I don't wanna be left out!
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  • In the prologue, the guys are all amazed to learn that their playmate from ten years ago has moved back. Takeshi decides to test whether it's a dream smacking Ichigo upside the head with a magazine.
  • In Ryuzo's route, dinner at the Hatta family residence gets distinctly awkward after Ryuzo finally becomes aware of the protagonist as a potential girlfriend and becomes unusually nervous around her as a result... and then Rika decides to tease him by claiming she has a love letter to deliver to the protagonist from one of her classmates. Hilarity Ensues, especially when Ryu's father Ryuzaburo and his other siblings Ryunoshin and Rino get into the act:
    Ryuzaburo: So, what does all of this mean? Does this mean [protagonist] isn't going to marry me?
    Ryuzo: [Protagonist] and I aren't even going out!
    Rika: Nobody said anything about you. She could marry Ryunoshin for all you know.
  • Johji playing Ichigo like a fiddle early in the latter's route. The protagonist can't stay at Black Ship until her bedroom floor's been repaired, so where oh where could Johji possibly find someone to take her in at short notice?
    • This is far from the only time someone shamelessly uses Ichigo's tsundere crush on the protagonist against him. His own parents do it to him later in the route, and it's still just as funny.
  • On Takeshi's main route, Haruki keeps falling into a flailing panic at the mere thought of his little sister growing up and (horrors!) having a boyfriend. Ichigo and Rihito have far too much fun with this.
  • The end of Rihito's sequel. As always, the new couple will be spending the whole day together, and everyone else is left to imagine just what a pair of teenagers might get up to in that time. The guys are suspicious (and kind of panicked), Rihito is hilariously smug, and Ryuzo immediately goes into overprotective-but-dim-big-brother mode, bless him.
    Ryuzo: W-what should I do!? What if they start holding hands on their next date!?
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  • In his route, Rei is fully aware that all of the main male cast have been nursing unspoken feelings for the protagonist for years... so once the two of them have resolved their issues and officially become a couple, he takes an absolutely shameless amount of glee in rubbing all of the guys' faces in it, taunting them for missing their respective chances with her by not having made a move themselves.

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