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Henry might be horrid but he's also hilarious.

From the book series:

  • In "Horrid Henry's Homework" one of Henry's spelling test words is 'stoat.'
    What on earth was a stoat? What a mean, sneaky word - Henry wouldn't know a stoat if it sat on him.
  • In "Horrid Henry's Hike" Henry is convinced the countryside is dangerous and gives examples of being pecked to death by chickens or swallowed by quicksand. Then the family encounter a bull.
    Henry: "I said it was dangerous in the countryside!"
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  • "Horrid Henry's Haunted House" when Henry hears weird noises coming from the wardrobe and tries to steel himself to see what it is.
    I'll just get up and check inside that wardrobe, he thought. Am I a man or a mouse?
    Mouse! he thought.
    He did not move.
  • The description of Miss Tutu in "Horrid Henry's Dance Class."
    Impatience Tutu hated teaching. Impatience Tutu hated noise. Impatience Tutu hated children. But most of all Impatience Tutu hated Horrid Henry.
  • During the dance show a stage prop falls down, knocking the back row of children onto the others in front. Perfect Peter performing a solo at the front turns to see what's happening and falls off the stage. This leaves Henry as the only person still standing, so what does he do? Naturally, he starts doing his own 'wild buffalo' dance.
  • Horrid Henry realising he's wearing girl's pants in the middle of maths lesson.
    Maybe it's a nightmare, thought Henry hopefully. He pinched his arm. Ouch! Then, just to be sure, he pinched William.
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  • Henry comes up with the idea to find a new pair of pants from lost property. After digging through mountains of clothes, he wonders how anyone manages to leave school wearing anything.
  • In "Horrid Henry's Sick Day" Henry (feigning illness) holds his thermometer against a light-bulb when his mum comes to check on him.
    "127 degrees!" she shreiked.
    "The thermometer must be broken." mumbled Henry.
    • At the same time he puts Peter's thermometer in a glass of iced water.
    "57 degrees!" she shrieked.
    Oops, thought Horrid Henry.
    "That one must be broken too." said Henry.
  • The Running Gag of Great-Aunt Greta thinking Henry is a girl.
    • In "Horrid Henry's Underpants:"
    Great-Aunt Greta thought he was a girl. Great-Aunt had been told ten billion times that his name was Henry, not Henrietta, and that he wasn't four years old. But every years Peter would get a £10 or a football or a computer game and he would get a Walkie-Talkie-Teasy-Weasy-Burpy-Slurpy Doll.
    • In "Horrid Henry's Thank You Letter:"
    Mum expected him to write to Great-Aunt Greta and thank her for the Baby Poopie Pants doll. Great-Aunt Greta for one did not deserve a thank you letter.
  • In "Horrid Henry Eats a Vegetable" Henry makes a deal with his parents that he'll eat all his greens for a week.
    He'd be poisoned before day 3. Then they'd be sorry. "How could we have been so cruel?" Mum would shriek. "We've killed our own son." Dad would moan. "Why oh why did we make him eat his greens?" they would sob.
    Too bad he'd be dead so he couldn't scream, "I told you so!"
  • Henry having a dream about beheading his brother and sleeping in, only to be woken up.
    King Henry the Horrible woke up. His Medusa Mother was looming above him.
    "You've overslept!" shrieked Mum "School starts in five minutes! Get dressed! Quick! Quick!"
    • Complete with an illustration of Mum with snakes for hair.
  • The methods Henry uses to spread nits to his classmates. First he leans against Clever Clare. Then he brushes against Greedy Graham on his way to the pencil sharpener. On the way back he stumbles against Anxious Andrew.
    "Sorry, Andrew." said Henry "What big clumsy feet I have. Whoops." he added, tripping over the carpet and banging heads with Weepy William.
    • Before that he considers playing sick by running screaming out the door saying he's caught mad cow disease.
    But somehow he didn't think Miss Battle-Axe would believe him.
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  • At least three people say they need a wee while on the coach in "Horrid Henry's School Trip." Then Henry uses it to get out of listening to the boring tour guide at the museum.
  • In "Horrid Henry's Christmas" Dad tells the boys that no one is allowed to open their presents until they've had lunch and gone for a walk. At 6:00am the next morning:
    Henry: Merry Christmas! Time to open the presents!
  • Henry giving Peter a "scary" haircut for Halloween - by which he chops off half his hair. Peter takes one look in the mirror and screams.
    "Scared yourself, did you?" said Henry "That's great."
    Mum ran into the room.
    "Henry!" screeched Mum "What have you done! You horrid, horrid boy!"
  • The whole plot of "Horrid Henry and the Mummy's Curse." Henry starts off just wanting to scare Peter so he'll give Henry his mummy kit and it just escalates from there.

From the TV series:

  • In “Horrid Henry’s Hike”, Henry tries to protest to his family that they might get chased by chickens in the countryside. Man eating chickens. Cue a ridiculously over the top scenario.
    • And then Henry claims that Dad will be sorry, and then a Imagine Spot occurs showing if it did happen during the hike, showing his apparent funeral. Henry's Mum vowing not to eat an omelette ever again is utterly funny in a dark way.
  • Bossy Bill photocopying his posterior.
    "One bottom, two bottoms, three bottoms, four! Five bottoms, six bottoms, seven bottoms, more!"
  • In "Horrid Henry's Christmas", after when Stuck-Up Steve punches the wings off Peter's ice sculpture.
    Henry: Hey! He's my brother.
    Peter: Oh, uh. Thank you, Henry.
    Henry: So that means I get to break it! (Punches the head off the statue)
    ** Again, when Henry and Steve were arguing who's snowman is the biggest, a heap of snow falls on them.
    Henry: I'm trapped!
    Steve: I'm more trapped than you are!
    ** During that same scene, Peter is seen putting pieces of his broken ice sculpture on top of Henry and Steve's heads. They don't even notice it happening.
    • The scene ultimately ends with both screaming "MUUUUUUUM!" so loudly that snow falls off the roof and covers them.
  • The So Bad, It's Good "Ring a Ding Pizzas" advert.
  • In "Horrid Henry and the Good Day, Bad Day" when it looks like the episode is about to end as Henry does his usual Big "NO!", only for him to stop himself mid-no and the episode carries on as normal.
  • In "Horrid Henry Changes a Nappy", Henry's mother tells Prissy Polly to put the kettle on, phrasing it just like in the Nursery Rhyme.