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WARNING: Unmarked spoilers ahead!

  • At the beginning of Know No Fear, Ultramarine Sergeant Thiel has been marked for discipline and censure due to a serious, unspoken crime. Half-way through the book, after the Word Bearers have begun their devastating attack, it's revealed that his crime was... running theoretical combat scenarios on how to fight and defeat other Space Marines, mainly because he'd already run through every other possible opponent. His commanders found this borderline treasonous and had sent him to Guilliman for punishment just as the Heresy came to Calth.
    Gage: [standing in a ruined corridor of Guilliman's flagship]...That was his infraction?
    Jaer: Looks bloody pitiful from where we’re standing, doesn’t it?
    • At another stage in Know No Fear, it describes the technology involved in a Land Speeder, and then specifically calls out that the Ultramarine behind the wheel is "driving it like an idiot".
    • In the very beginning of Know No Fear there's one sentence that's just inherently funny for some reason:
    [Guilliman] realizes that his brother is not, in fact, mistakenly trying to kill him.
    • There's also Lorgar donning his Troll hat. You can just imagine how mocking his tone must be.
      Lorgar: Have you lost your temper, Roboute?
      Guilliman: I am going to gut you.
      Lorgar: You have lost your temper.
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  • Frater Thematica, Ironwrought of the Iron Hands Legion in Angel Exterminatus, who is pretty much the Professor Farnsworth of the 30k Universe. Examples of his tinkering include methods of stabilizing Medusa's tectonic plate movement (by causing devastating planetary earthquakes) and inventing lethal quantum rearrangement weaponry (by siphoning starship reactor energy at the most inconvenient of times). He has almost been thrown out of the Mechanicum AND the Iron Fraternity for his experiments.
    Vermanus Cybus: What do you have to do to be exiled from a bunch of scholars?
    Frater Thematica: Oh, that's easy. Both the Mechanicum and the Iron Fraternity have threatened me with expulsion many times. Dangerous experiments, radical thinking, untested weaponry. That sort of thing.
    Vermanus Cybus: The amount of times you've almost blown us up, I almost wish they had.
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  • Angel Exterminatus also offers an absurd but also hilarious moment of Disability Immunity. During the book, the Kakophoni are presented as a great threat because of their sonic weapons and shrieks which can crack ceramite. However, it turns out one Iron Hand Morlock named Ignatius Numen is immune to the sonic weapons... because he's deaf. After being shot with a sonic pulse from Vairosean, he even shouts "What? I didn't catch that!" before shooting down the Emperor's Children legionary.
  • In The Unremembered Empire, Guilliman has found himself stuck with a permanent "escort" of Space Wolves, led by Faffnr Bludbroder, who have been ordered to stick by his side like glue. This includes when Guilliman is laying out the red carpet for his brother Lion El'Jonson, made doubly-awkward considering the long standing grudge between the Wolves and the Dark Angels. Roboute, stoic, stately Primarch of the Ultramarines, is just so annoyed Faffnr is making an already uncomfortable reunion that much worse.
    Guilliman: You’re a pain in the arse, you know that?
    Faffnr: Indisputably.
    • In addition to the trouble he is causing Guilliman, Faffnr's real Sitcom Arch-Nemesis is Drakus Gorod, the commander of the Invictus Guard. As head of Guilliman's Honour Guard, Gorod makes his feelings about a man whose stated intentions are to kill his Primarch known. After an Alpha Legion attack on Guilliman's private quarters:
      Faffnr: We were told not to go in. Told it was your orders.
      Guilliman: They were my orders.
      Gorod: Dogs must always wait at the doorpost until the master lets them in. Good dogs, that is. Good dogs stay at the edge of the firelight, waiting for scraps, until they are allowed near the hearth.
      (Faffnr and Gorod Death Glare each other before one of the Wolves whispers in Faffnr's ear)
      Faffnr: (smiling) No, Bo Soren. I cannot let you do that. Though it would be funny to watch.
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    • Also in "The Unremembered Empire" Dantioch trolling Konrad Curze about how Polux escaped him: "The faith and will of good men,’ replied Dantioch. ‘When they stand together against infamy, the galaxy fights for them." U mad, Night Haunter?
    • The little detail that in the far future, the Bard is known as Shakespire and Hamlet is called Amulet.
    • After Vulkan attacks Konrad Curze in a psychotic rage, Curze, knowing that Vulkan can come back from the dead, takes a moment to monologue about how he will find a way to kill Vulkan permanently. Barely a few seconds later, Vulkan lives again, much faster than Curze is used to.
      Curze: See? This is death. Learn to accept it, brother!
      Vulkan: eyes snap open
      Curze: Oh. That was quick...
  • In Scars, Malcador casually remarks that he once advised the Emperor to make the Primarchs sisters rather than brothers, figuring that there would be less of the division and rivalries inherent in male siblings. Rogal Dorn is not amused.
    • Even more amusing when Malcador informs Dorn that even the Emperor thought he was joking.
  • In the beginning of Scars, a group of initiates are instructed to run a marathon course for as long as they can. At the end, the last initiate running, delirious out of sheer exhaustion, tries climbing up one of the Space Marines observing the exercise.
  • During a rare family gathering at the triumph on Ullanor, the assembled Primarchs are casually riffing on each other. After being baited by an increasingly irritating Fulgrim, the Khan shoots him down with one sentence. He's probably referring to rumours of the bio experimentation. Probably...
    Fulgrim: I heard from a contact on Mars, Jaghatai, that you do strange things to your ships.
    Jaghatai Khan: I heard you do strange things to your warriors.
  • The Remembrancers are a brotherhood created to record mankind's greatest triumphs. They are painters, poets, actors, writers, sculptors, all representatives of High Arts... and in Fear To Tread, there's one that draws comic books. "People love to read those", apparently.
  • In the audio-drama "Honour to the Dead", a Brother Gaius of the Ultramarines tells a five-week-old baby, in all sincerity;
    "You are very small."
  • Lorgar's frustration with the two heads of Kairos Fateweaver being so self-contradicting in Aurelian:
    Lorgar: Which one of you is telling the truth?!
    Both heads: I am.
  • In Vengeful Spirit, after Garviel Loken assaults Iacton Qruze for not telling him Mersadie Oliton was alive, Ares Voitek of the Iron Hands whips up a traditional Medusan drink used to heal rifts within a clan, and passes it around among Rogal Dorn and the Knights-Errant. The resultant brew is so strong that Dorn cocks an eyebrow, while the rest of the Knights act like Voitek just tried to poison them. The only ones who enjoyed the brew are Bror Tyrfinger (Space Wolf) and Altan Nohai (White Scar).
  • At times, Pharos feels like /tg/ was feeding Guy Haley ideas.
    • "We float for Macragge!" is what happens when Ultramarines must perform void operations.
    • "Avenging Beancounter", anyone?
    • An exchange between Lucretius Corvo and Techmarine Correlus;
      Lucretius Corvo: What will happen when they reach the maximum?
      Corellus: As my tutors on Mars would say, captain, the Omnissiah acts mysteriously. The ways of the motive force may be understood, from positive to negative and on through the circuit. That which guides it may not.
      Lucretius Corvo: You do not know.
      Corellus: No. That is what they generally meant when they said that.
  • In Garro: Vow of Faith, when Garro arrives to a small roadside settlement, everyone present except for one guy instantly flees from him. Garro just sighs, sits himself by the bar and has a drink.
    • Not to mention how he convinces the one remaining guy to give him a lift: by telling him that being associated with a Space Marine will lend man aura of respect in his town. The funny comes in when you realize that he basically paid the guy with swag.
  • The Outcast Dead has a World Eater being forced to make social pleasantries with a child. It's a testament to the training and mindset of the Astartes that he's so completely out of his depth talking to a human being, let alone a kid. He's actually relieved when the child starts talking about killing as it brings him back to his comfort zone.
  • The prologue to Angels of Caliban has Lion El'Jonson crashing a post-campaign celebration because he's found out Luther and a company of Dark Angels have left Caliban to fight for Horus (It was before Horus turned traitor, so it's all cool). The whole thing plays out like a parent storming into a party to drag a grounded child home, down to the Lion telling Luther "I will deal with YOU momentarily,” The narration even outright says that at that moment, every Space Marine in attendance desired to be anywhere but there.


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